ON JUNE 10, 1972 AT 12:34 PM


“My beloved children, I am sorry to impose upon you the momentum that must be, but each moment of this earthly time must be dedicated to Me.  If I wait beyond five years, man’s time, I will have fewer Souls in Heaven with Me.  So I say to you now, with a Father’s Love, with a Creator’s Power, ‘What do you will for Me?’

There are many things I will demand of you, in the near time.  There are many moments you would desire, perhaps, to be with those who are not Divine, but in this time away from Me, things will be delayed in My Way.  I cannot allow it to be.  It is not just My Love for you that is extended through This Miracle of Hope, of Truth, but My Love for the world, My Love for all creations, My Love for My children of all kinds.

I use this child as a rapid faucet to deliver to others My Wishes, My Desires, My Commands, My Love.  And I say, as I pour through her the Will of your day, I say, ‘It will be through obedience to This Will that you will become a Saint.’

The demands that I have prepared for this child are staggering in man’s eyes.  The demands that I say to her each day are more than man could visualize in his sight.  It is far greater than a trip to the planets I made.  It is far greater than the greatest bomb man knows to be made.  It is far greater than the universe, as you see it to be.  It is far greater than the stars and the sea.  It is My Will to be done through a mere instrument of hope, of reality.

This child will be whisked away in manner of physical way; ‘bilocation’, as man calls it to be.  As she knows it has been done before, it will be done many, many times, as soon as the Words of Mine are given to others to follow through, for the Hill of Hope must be done within the period of time I have Decreed.

No man in the world can understand the dignity in which this child does stand, but all men must one day recognize the purpose of This Miracle.  It is beyond just allowing man to see a Beloved Saint be known.  It is to save Souls, to give Hope, to show man the Destiny of the physical way, and to show man that I, The Creator of All Things, want them to spend Eternity with Me.

I bless you through This Miracle, and I say, ‘Each moment spent with this child is a Miracle in your day, for oftentimes when you do not really know, it is Heaven speaking through her; she is so subject to My Will.’ I bless you and I say: ‘Walk My Way, do My Will, subject your whole being to Me without delay.  I love you.  I need you for purpose — Purpose of My Own, Ultimate in Way.  I made you with Love, I created you with Hope.  I want you.  Do not deny Me.’ So be it.”

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