ON AUGUST 8, 1972 AT 3:20 PM


“From the moment of conception all things are handed to the living cells: personality, background, Guardian Angel, will, Soul.  The physical is always the one that shows.  The personality, the will, are reflections that radiate from the physical.  The Soul is only seen by God, but the Beauty of the Soul is in the example of the physical, for you see, man would be frightened if he could see the Soul.

This child who sits before you now is as you.  All things you were given, she was given too.  There were many times, as a small one, she would kneel to The Father and say, ‘I want only to do Your Will, every day.’ She does not remember these times.  She does not remember the fullness of these moments when, in the love of a moment, she subjected her whole self to His Will.

Children talk about this, some reminisce, but with this child, it was not bliss.  It was total submission with love, in love, with love to the Supreme Will.  Many moments she would beg God to allow her to have others as herself, to teach them His Way, His Will.  He did not allow it for many reasons, for in His Plan He had ready for her, He was to give her all children in the world.  Sometimes, in her small love for Him, she would tell Him stories and He would say, ‘The time is not right now, My child; wait for another day.’ When the time came, when total commitment was Decreed to be, acceptance was immediately.  And so it is with this child who sits with thee, the Will of The Father is as her will in all things.  The moment of acceptance began the trek for The Holy Trinity.

You gather, My children, in acceptance of Divine Way.  Have you tried to submit your will, a child’s way? You will find it is not easy to do; but, to start with, ask The Father to help you.  Let Him know your dilemma.  Let Him know your weakness from you.  Children must know that to truly do His Will, it is total commitment of Soul, physical.

Many men stand ready to beat the child down in a manner to degrade what is to abound throughout the world.  If it were not for The Father’s Hand, she would fall into the abyss, causing satan to be glad.  So few children in the world accept the responsibility, for you see, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, has been handed down.

I, Saint Joseph, hold her close to Me and say to each of thee, ‘A small child shall lead them to The Holy Trinity.’ Innocence, obedience, full trust, total commitment of the will is a must.  No child on the earth, no matter how well–read, can stand in the shoes of a chosen child.  Many men fear her.  Many men reject her.  Many men love her, for she stands totally for God Who is at the Head.

Men say, ‘The Son will return to the world.’ They take it literal.  They determine it to be the way it was before.  He truly returns in a way, in a manner, again through a woman, but different.  The Teaching, the Wisdom, the Love is as this; I mean, overshadows the Way of His Coming, the Truth of His Way.  He Wills it to be, for you see, the world must be saved.  The time is now, God has Decreed.

I mention these things.  They are simple, but profound.  It is Wisdom I teach to you on the ground; so much to be learned so children will one day see the Crown.  The Crown is not a crown as you know a crown to be.  It is the Sight of The Holy Trinity.  Here again children say they want to see.

Oh, My children, please only The Holy Trinity.  Make amends to God.  Make a preparation for all things.  Tell Him you love Him above all things.  Give Him your physical, give Him your way.  Stand in truth, stand in love His Way.  The evil one is angry at such innocence.  He fears the child much, he envies her way, for you see, he would do anything to be in her place, and he cannot be that way.

I hold her tightly, I hold her firm to show you the Power to give God’s Love.  She begs Him each day, ‘Take it away.’ He talks, He says, ‘Why do you fight the privilege of serving Me?’ She says, ‘I do not want to be conspicuous.’ But He says to her: ‘My Son was.  Why do you refuse?’ Their Words make her think, make her respond, for her love for The Holy Trinity is a beauty to see; it’s what makes a Miracle for Me available to men here and over the sea.

I bless you with Love.  You see a child subservient to God for all that is worthwhile.  I will return her to you in less than a second.  The Power must be lessened slowly, for you see, she is held in a manner of submission of will.  Ask yourself: Is your will so important to you that you cannot release it to do God’s Will? So be it.”

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