ON JULY 25, 1973 AT 11:15 AM


“My beloved children, all through time when a warrior has been put forth upon the earth, the warrior has had to stand in all ways against mankind.  My Son was the First Great Warrior in the world.  Men did not look upon Him as such, but He was a Warrior for Me, for you see, He had to stand and face every man that came along.  He had to teach in a manner that I Decreed.  He had to give forth in a gentle way first, and then a very strong way.  And when He said to the men at a particular time on a particular day, ‘One of you will walk away,’ it had to take a warrior to say these words, for you see, only a warrior can face a child falling by the wayside, and the warrior has to continue on to win, not only the race but the goal.

A true warrior says to all children who drop by the wayside, ‘Are you dropping because of error, fear, hurt, or are you dropping because of weakness, or is it a combination of all?’ A true warrior has always been set forth upon the world at a time when the world is in great need.  A true teacher is not liked by everyone, for the teacher has to stand for what the teacher knows is real, is truth, is knowledge, is right.  A real warrior will say to the world, ‘Go your way, I stand right.’ A real warrior will stand against all opposition on the land.  A real warrior will say to you, ‘Go, don’t weaken me, I know I’m right.’

It took warriors like Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Joan of Arc.  It took warriors like My Son Who walked the earth.  He was a Warrior but men say, ‘Oh no, He wasn’t, He was very gentle.’ Not so.  Ask yourself, through time, how many warriors truly walked the world, and how much of their way do you know about? Only what man can say, but Here, in My Book Here in the Heavens, there are many things that men do not know about the warriors I sent to the world.

And now you partake in the Greatest Miracle since My Son.  You partake in a Miracle of Teaching, you partake in a Miracle that must be won.  You partake in a war against all men who are weak, all men who walk in heresy.  You partake, and ask yourselves on this day, how much will you say to protect your way? If you were confronted now with a lion in a den, would you say, ‘Take a strike at me,’ or would you run and say, ‘Wait till tomorrow,’ for remember this, tomorrow may never come again.

And that is what this war is all about, My children.  It is a war against the evil one, and so all who walk upon this Hill, all who work upon this Hill must be warriors.  And when you are weak and when you stand aside and say, ‘Let one moment be, God, let me alone today,’ keep this in mind, that those who are the true warriors will walk forward and keep going and allow you to stand aside; for, to truly walk the path for Me, you must follow quickly, for the pace I set for warriors to follow Me is far greater than any man knows and far greater than any pace that man could set.

I have set a pace for this child.  She will not be liked by anyone in the world, not even by you one day.  She knows this.  And yet, she will continue on and she will fight you and she will stand up against you for it is My Will she does.  And she will let you stray to the side and say, ‘Go, don’t weaken me, because I will go to the top without you.’

I come through her with a strength you cannot know, you cannot describe, you cannot feel, for you see, it is withinside her, what is real.  I have prepared her well, for fifty–two years, and soon this child will reach a point that she will shed you like Holy Water, and the whole world, only to fight on, even if it be alone.  And men will say, ‘If she truly walked for God, she would not walk in such a drastic way as a tyrant, in such an official state.’ But I guarantee you — I am your God, I am your Creator — that she will let you stray, she will let you fall by the wayside and say, ‘Get up when you’re ready, because I’m going on to the top of the Hill without you.’

And when the day comes and this Great Hill shines with the light of, not only day but of candles by pilgrims along the way, you might be the one to come back and say, ‘Come now and walk with me to the top.’ She will turn and say: ‘I have already been there.  It’s your turn.  Walk there with the others.’ And keep in mind, if you can say on that day, you were a warrior all the way, then you, too, will be able to stay with her where she stands, for you see, that is where I will be also, still in command.

There is no child who has ever walked the earth such as this one, except for My Son one day.  But now, in the world, when things are so in need of My Love, My Way, My Truth, My Wisdom, ask yourselves, will you walk all the way, or will you stand by the roadside and let her walk it alone? Or, will you be strong enough to be a warrior in the army that I am going through the world choosing to walk?

The child soon will stand formally six years in My Way, formally out to the world, but informally I have trained her, I have prepared her for fifty–two years.  So be it.”

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