ON AUGUST 5, 1973 AT 11:30 AM


“My beloved children, I, your Father, am also enthused because of your enthusiasm My Way.  I smile from the Heavens Where I am and I say, ‘This great mound of earth must be built My Way for the Purpose I have designed, to bring Souls to The Divine.’

This child walks as a chalice of Truth, as a link between you and I.  This Great Miracle is Hope for the whole world, and I present it through a Saint that walked one day in the physical, for The Divine.  This Saint stands Here, High in the Heavens with Me all the time, and when the time came for this Great Miracle to be born, He looked into My Face and said, ‘God, must it be, for upon the child You have chosen, there will be a great burden for men to truly see Me.’ And as I looked into His Face, I said: ‘Joseph, through You I will draw Souls Here in the Heavens Where We are.  Is this not worthwhile?’ And, with a sadness and yet a joy, He looked at Me and said: ‘Thy Will, My God, let it be done for all mankind.  Have pity upon the child, for men will not understand her way.’ And I looked at Him and said, ‘Nor did they Yours, Joseph, one day.’ And He said again, ‘Thy Will, My God, but when the burden becomes too great, let Me help the child, My Father.’

And I said to Him: ‘I will sustain her through all problems, errors, adversities and hate, for many men will hate this child; for the manner in which she will walk will be an Individual Role, and through this Role she will have to talk.  I will prepare her well, I will prepare her My Way, so when she must face all mankind, it will be deliberate, firm, without doubt, confident, and never contrary to My Will.  And those who fight this child, woe be them, for you see, the Hill of Hope that bears Your Name, My Son, will come about, and it will be a theme that men will shout about; and they will come from all over the world to see it, to join in it, to be a part of it, and many men who come will not see the child as she truly is, for she will suffer much for this Hill to be My Way, and in the suffering, men will not understand the depth of the suffering, for you see, reparation will have to be made for every delay that occurs upon this Hill for Me, My Way.’

The child now is in a place of delay and she urges you on, for you see, it is I, through her, Who does it this way.  I want the wall to be built.  I want men to see what it is truly all about.  I want those who are of a great age to be able to have a haven on the ground I chose to be here one day, and I want this child put into a particular place upon this soil so she can direct readily, immediately, instantaneously, for there are to be many shifts of men working to accomplish this deed in the time I Decreed.  And I say to you now, ‘You are blessed in a manner more than you know, in a way you cannot see, and to a degree that will gain you Grace for you to come Here to be with Me for All Eternity.’ The child must face mankind constantly, but in the facing, she knows it is for The Divine.

And so now, through this little one, I say: ‘In My Name I give you Love, in the Name of The Heart that was given to the world, I give you Love; and in the Name of The Third One of Me, I also give you Love, but, with Each of These I give you strength, for you see, in My Name there is Justice, through The Heart there is Mercy, and through The Third One there is Light.’ So be it.”

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