ON JUNE 15, 1974 AT 2:46 PM


“I am truly Saint Joachim.  The whole world will never understand the motion of this child, the action of this child, and for that matter, Whom I am.  Men have learned, through Bible History, that I existed a long time ago, that I was the father of The Heavenly Mother, and yet, that is truly all men know.  Through this child, the world begins to know that Prophecy plus History is being made known.

The child walks, not in a cocoon now, but in openness, in life, humor, love, and yes, her way is profound, for it is directed by The Father Who knows all things.  It is directed by The Father Who created all things.  It is directed by The Father Who holds all strings.  She is the puppet, He, The Puppeteer.  She is the way to man’s heart, to man’s way, and she bears the Wisdom for All Eternity.  This little one that the world does not truly know, is the instrument for all things to become known.

This child stands in jeopardy constantly, for men say, ‘It cannot be.’ Men say, ‘It is not,’ and men say, ‘I will not believe it, for to believe it, I will have to change what I am and I do not want to be what I am not.’ What a foolish world this child exists in, but nonetheless, she is real, The Miracle of The Beloved One is real.  He, do not forget, was My Son–in–law according to man’s way.  And now, I say to you in the world, ‘The Beloved Saint Joseph will become known throughout the world, through the little puppet that God holds endearingly.’ So be it.”

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