ON AUGUST 12, 1974 AT 8:35 AM


“My Message to the whole world is through This Miracle in your day.  Let the world know that I am working to save all of mankind.  Children are being led down the path to My enemy by fleshly sins, by sins of the mind, and by material desires.  Please let them know this.  I have come to the world openly once again, this time through a Son that I endowed with Special Blessings because of His Obedience to My Will.

All the heresies that are abundant in the world today are to destroy man.  I have come with a Seed of Truth, and such a Seed multiplies with the desire of men to know Who I Am and What I am all about.  I love all My children, and in, through, and with this Love, I speak, to reach personally My little children who act like sheep.

Be blessed by My Kindness, Love and Justice, and know that through this Great Miracle of Love and Hope, I am sending to each child the Crown of Sainthood if they will but accept as I deem it to be.  I love you, and I extend My Will, for you to imitate It and be example of It to the whole world.  So be it.”

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