ON AUGUST 14, 1974 AT 8:00 PM


“My beloved children, I come in much Love on this night, to greet children of the whole world with a Love they cannot compare anything in the world to.  There is so much Love Here in the Heavens, and I, your Father, say that through this child, I speak each day.  Sometimes she tries to ignore Me for she says: ‘It is not real, God, to the world.  I understand Who You are, How You are, and what You want to do, but do not forget, the children are small, and even though they love You, it is difficult to love You this much.’

So, the little one through whom I keep in touch, is alert constantly to Me.  The little one is speaking often, and each Word she says, listen to, be watchful of, and be aware of the tone, the description, the direct way, the content, and the degree in which it is said, for you see, I use her as a transmitter for My Way and My Will, and I use her as the current, the power to reach you as you move and you stand still.  I use her in such a matter–of–fact tone, way; even the laughter that she displays is from Me to you, for men could not bear to be with this child continuously if she did not show the humor of the human way.

Sometimes, in a mischievous way, she tries to trick you, and I smile and say, ‘I, too, have a sense of humor.’ Do not forget this.  So, I allow that human way to act in love for Me to all mankind, for without it men would become staid in their way.  They would become, in so many areas, so strong that they would forget that the beauty of humor runs along the parallel path and the way, for to love so deeply, men must know there is laughter, there is charity, there is obedience, there is love, there is service, there is giving, and yes, there is mercy, for you see, through laughter, sometimes there is great mercy; through service, there is great love; and through direction, there is much justice.  Remember this when the child speaks, laughs and walks with you, for as her hand reaches out, it is I Who am holding you.  So be it.”

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