ON AUGUST 17, 1974 AT 9:30 PM


“My beloved children, there is no child in the world who stands in such a patient manner, waiting for Me to speak.  There is no child who sits waiting constantly, constantly listening for My Voice.  I make it this way, for through the constant listening, the desire to serve only for all mankind to gain Grace, much is gained for the world, for Souls, for children of all races.

This little one, through whom I speak, is quick.  It has to be that way, for the alertness she has to man’s needs, man’s weakness, man’s way, is far greater than any man in the world.  She is alert to Me, alert to man, and alert to the sounds — the sounds which are the Winds of My Power, the sounds which are the winds of satan’s hate, jealousy, ego, pride.  This child is alert to all things and she says, ‘God, do not say ever the word “innate”.  It bothers me and I do not know why.’ I smile at this.  She will now ask you what it means — innate.

I say now, as she rests more with the word, ‘Much of My Love is innate in her.’ It was given at the moment of conception, and this is the Love that she fights the most, for never does she want to be seen before men in any way other than natural.  But I say to you now in this Place Where I am, ‘Her love for Me is innate and necessary for My Plan.’ So be it.”

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