ON JANUARY 11, 1972 AT 12:25 PM


“My beloved son, My beloved daughters, it has been written that I walked in a Garden of great sorrow, of communication with the evil one.  As this took place, I was also in communication with The Higher One.  Many men are unaware of this, but this Garden was a tug–of–war, as it is with the child, in some phases, in some degrees.  She joins with you in laughter to lighten the burden for you.  She joins with you to only a certain degree of worldly measure, and you know, those who are close to her know, that sometimes when she wanders into the world too far, she looks as though she is smothered by it.  Is this not so?

There is no child in the world that has been asked to walk this way; nowhere in time.  The degree that This Miracle must be, carries a load of weight, and the only security is the bond of love between this child and The Divine Three.  Picture yourselves standing under the weight of ten worlds.  Where would you be? You instantly answer, ‘I would not be, God.’ But this is the weight that I have placed upon her, for it is close to the weight of all men’s Souls.

The time has come for the separation in some ways.  Some of you, My children, have dreaded this moment, this time, this place; and yet, if it did not occur, The Miracle would not be as great, for the human clinging could not remain; and you know that as she stands strong in the Divine World, you gather strength.  Is this not so? If she were to remain with you, among you, in the human way, you would not have the strength you will need to work in The Miracle for Divine Way.  She will be firmer with you, more direct, she will stand in an official state where you are concerned, and if you but knew, that each decision that must be made takes a strength from her, not obvious to the world.

Those who have come forward to do God’s Will and place her in a place where God wants her to be, will gain much Grace, and as they gain the Grace, she will gain sorrow, weight.  I know that in man’s thinking this does not make sense, but in God’s Way, it shows Greatness, Fulfillment, Purpose.  The proof of The Miracle is every day.  The Truth of It is constant.

So many men will envy this child.  They are foolish men for even though their brawn is strong, they could not stand the weight.  Only a deep love, complete subservience to His Will, obedience to His Way, desire to please only Him, could help a child bear the weight.  Many important men will see the truth in her, the binding love she has, and they will see it both ways.  Our Way will be more evident.

And one will have to come forward and say, ‘I do not envy her in any way, and yet, I believe in all she says.’ She will be strong with him.  She will not be easy on him, for she will see a Soul that must be saved.  And he will love this child in many ways, for he will see that she will accept the burden of his Soul so It will return to Eternity, It will return to the Feet of God, It will return to God’s Will, for her very firmness with this man will say, ‘I care about you in a Supernatural Way.’

She will be known in Heaven as ‘the little fork’, the fork of love, the fork of truth, the fork of wisdom, that will scoop up many Souls and cling to Them so they will not falter, They will not fail, They will not be lost.  She will gather Them up sometimes one by one, two by two, and more, and as the need be, We will give width to the fork, depth to its prongs, so she will not lose one Soul.

As you see her, you will not see her; as you love her, it will be your love for Us; as you obey her, it will be Our Will that will guide you, that will nourish you; as you miss her, it will be because she stands so alone and radiates all truths, all love, all wisdom.  She is as a chalice of All Divine Way.  Her obedience will spur you on to be obedient, as Mine did one day.  The significance of this obedience will be outstanding in every way.  This home where she must stay for a period of time, is totally for The Divine.  She knows this.

The Power that I transmit through her will grow in degree as she is strengthened to a point; and as It grows, you will see the Hill of Love that is yet to be.  And as men stand high on this Hill, proud of its physical view, they will not be aware of the sacrifice it took from one child such as thee.  It is, in some ways, comparable to the Hill of Salvation I climbed one day.  The suffering before was unbearable, and yet the Hill was to give man Life in Eternity; and so it is again — the Hill is to give man Grace, Hope, Love, Security, Life.

I am sorry to say that the sacrificial lamb is necessary, but there is no other way and she has succumbed to the Holy Will of God this way.  All Heaven stands alerted and there are Many Saints Here Who say, ‘I could not have done it, God, in My day; please be easy on her.’

I have come in Love today, but also to strengthen each child here with Grace, for The Miracle of The Beloved Saint is on the Winds of God’s Power, God’s Grace.  I hold her in a way of Supernatural Power, Divine Love, and I say, ‘The Wind surrounds her every day, the Wind of The Holy Ghost.’ So be it, My children, the Holy Way.  So be it today.”

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