ON MARCH 23, 1972 AT 1:17 PM


“My children, I have chosen a child who can stand before children of all kinds and be equal to them and yet be humble with them.  I have chosen a child to work for Me upon the earth who will do My Will as I want it to be.  I have chosen a child to stand before mankind with My Words, speaking out fluently what I say for her to say, what I say for her to do, what I project in Wisdom, in Knowledge, in Fact.  I place before you a child who is obedient to My Will.  I place before you a child who said, ‘Dear God, let only Your Will be done by me.’ I place before you a child, a rare specimen for men to see, for she has given Me her will to do with what I Will to be.

I bless you as I enter this home, for this home will be known as the home of The Beloved Saint Joseph.1 And as it becomes known in every place, men will come from all over to see the child I have chosen to stand in this place.  Those of you who have grown close to This Miracle of Divine Way, have grown close to the child in a Supernatural way.  And as you gather in this place, you know that this place is for Divine Purpose, Divine Love, Divine Way.  You feel it, but you cannot describe the feeling you have.  You know it, and you cannot describe what makes you know it.  You are willing to serve in it, and you cannot describe what makes you serve in it.  It is love for Me, My children, and My Love for you.

All through time, man has requested Me to send forth to the world some Words helping him to walk to Me, and now I come to the world through a child, simple in manner, loving and giving, and ready to serve at a moment’s notice, and as I do this, men will say, ‘It cannot be her, by her; it cannot be a woman.’ And I say to them: ‘All through time you have questioned My Way.  I give you now what you have asked for.  You must accept it My Way.’ I have chosen in a manner I know to be right.  I have dedicated This Miracle to the Salvation of mankind.  Oh, My children, if you but knew the turmoil in the world, you would say, ‘Oh, God, let me stand strong for You.’

The Hill of Hope must come about.  And men will deny it, and men will fight it, and men will say: ‘It cannot be.  It must be man’s dream for God in man’s way.’ This is not so.  The child stands obedient to My Will, and I speak rapidly through her so you will know that her thoughts cannot interweave with Mine.

I bless you with the Power of The Divine and say, ‘It is truly your God Who speaks to you, It is truly from The Divine.  It is truly Supernatural how I reach you.’ And, oh, My children, pray for this child who is obedient to My Will, for as she stands obedient to Me, men will strike out at her, men will stone her, and men will deny her.  So be it for now, My loved ones.”

1  Refers to the second residence chosen by God for Mother Frances and her family; this one in Placentia, California, to better accommodate the increasing numbers of visitors coming to hear Heaven’s Messages through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

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