ON APRIL 18, 1974 AT 10:55 PM


“My beloved children, I smile down upon you and I say, ‘I, Saint Joseph, hand you the Oils of My Way.’ They are the Oils directed by The Divine Holy Trinity.  They are the Oils to give you strength, for They are the Oils of Sanctity.  They are Mine in Name, God’s in Will, and They are handed to children to instill more Grace, more love, more devotion, and yes, obedience to His Way, His Will, in His Time, and according to what He Decreed one time.

I, Saint Joseph, truly stand within this child.  I stand around her as All of Heaven does, all times.  This child is but an instrument, a mere small instrument of Divine Power.  Men try to mock her and many times blaspheme her, but she must stand strong in the world, be a part of it, and yet be in so close touch, in such a Divine Love, for The Holy Trinity, that she is ever observant, subservient, and in love with what she is told to do from Above.

You are blessed in many ways, have been for a long time.  And now I, Saint Joseph, come to you and say, ‘Through this child who walks the human role, the human path, children are touched in many ways.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I hand you His Heart and I say, ‘Through this child the Light beams, the Rays show forth and They touch your heart.’ So be it.”

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