ON JULY 12, 1974 AT 4:58 PM


“Man says, ‘A seed.’ It is I Who govern what the seed will do.  Man says, ‘A star.’ It is I Who govern where the star will be, how it will shine, what it is made of, and yes, only I, in The Divine, can truly give to the world the beauty that all men seek.  Through the smallest thing I show My Power.  Through the wind, I give men relief; I also give men My Love.  Through this child I give to the world the beauty of seeing Me, the way to Me, and Bible History.

Through a small parcel of land, through the small knolls, I hand to the world of man, All I Am and the path to Me.  On this small Place I give to the world, all races, all colors, all creeds, the Direction, the Demand, the Command, the Word, the Wisdom, the Light, the Truth to the Justice I shall Decree.

I say to the world: ‘I am The Father of all.  I am The Creator of All Things.  I am The Holy King.’ Men say, ‘He will not speak.’ I say, ‘I am speaking through a small child such as you are.  I am speaking My Words, giving My Direction, and holding all things in place, all things I hold worthwhile.’

The child is My puppet; I, The Puppeteer.  I am Divine, she of the natural means, but the link between Us are My Golden Strings, the Strings that I hold her with, by, how; and how I direct her is My Own Way.  But this little one is a victim of My Power, and yet men try to victimize her to accomplish their own end, their own thing.  My Power is so Great that I, in delivering all My Words through this child, oftentimes have to diminish the way, for you see, the littleness she is, the littleness that men see is only a seed I created, I use, I love, and I will show to the world what I want each man to follow and to be.

I bless the whole world through this child, through the Strings of Gold that I hold her with, and I say, ‘The color has no power in it, but the Strings are My Love for all mankind, for the world I created, for the universe I hold together, and for the beauty that only I can give.’ I bless this child in a manner no man knows, for you see, I bless her with My Love, for the little puppet, I know, loves Me.  So be it.”

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