ON SEPTEMBER 5, 1974 AT 9:30 PM


“Men spend much of their life saving time, saving energy, saving money, and saving for a special time; saving their whole being to experience great things.  I say to you now, ‘I am The Keeper of the Bank of Heaven, and I, your Father, desire you to save, but not the way you feel, know saving to be.’

I want you to save your Soul for Me, but in doing this, it will take your energy, it will take your time and it will take your love; it will take every part of you to save this Soul for Me.  It will take your physical, your mental.  It will take your example and it will take your desire to be with other men.  It will take all you are, for you see, the Bank in Heaven wants your Soul and the Souls of every man.

I am not a bookkeeper.  I am The Creator, but in the Book Here that I keep with your name, I have next to it a line that says: ‘The Soul is on the way.  The Soul is preparing to come to Me one day.  The Soul is being taken away.  The Soul is looking to Me but not being helped toward Me.’

Oh, My children, the Bank of Heaven has in it the Graces, the Interest, waiting.  That beautiful bank that you so dearly love upon the earth, the bank to save you for another day, the bank to help you live in another way, I say to you now, ‘Best you look at the Books I keep and know that the Bank I want you to be aware of is the Soul I gave to thee.’ So be it.”

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