ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1974 AT 1:05 PM


“There are many children in the world who are sadistic in manner, thought, word and deed.  The sadness is, they have no Faith in The Holy Trinity.  Their Faith is limited, and yes, they desire tranquillity but have no avenues to it, for they are too inclined to believe that self–love, self–satisfaction is the goal for each man, and that the only way to attain it is to stand in the open market as an open thief.

There are so many children that must come to this Great Miracle.  The child will have to take a stand soon on what she stands for, in, about, and yes, the stand will be so strong that many men who are gathered around her will want to leave.  They will find her, in many areas, so strong, they will not know how to feel, but in reality, her strength is their strength; and in reality, her strength is love for The Holy Trinity.

My beloved children, be aware that the tightrope that this child walks upon is for the world, all mankind, and yes, children to breathe once again free air.  Some children say, ‘I have the freedom of religion.’ Not so, for you see, religion, as you know it to be, is being brought under control.  And some men say, ‘I have the freedom to live.’ Not so.  What they do not realize is that they are being governed by men who know they are in control.

So, as I bless you from the Heavens, I say, ‘The battle has just begun.’ Joan is evident, Catherine too, all the Theresas, and I smile and say, Margaret Mary; also, Catherine Laboure, Many more; Francis of Assisi, Saint Athanasius, and yes, Alphonsus Liguori, ready to fight with this child up to the top of the Hill, for you see, on the top of the Hill there is Great Light.  So be aware, My little ones, of the change that you will find, see, be aware of, in this child who stands with you, many times most mild, but her directness will not stifle men but steer men in the right direction.  And I say to you now, ‘Be blessed by the Light.’ So be it.”

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