“Children do not know the true Magnitude of the Hill that bears My Name.  Children think it a natural vein, belonging to man.  It is a piece of the creation of God’s earth, a parcel of land held for many, many thousands of years for This Particular Plan.  The perimeter is jagged and in many areas smooth, but the perimeter will be lined with a fence, a wall, not to hold man out, but to hold man in when the Project is through.

The Hill that bears My Name, this mound of soil, has a Magnet to draw man to it, and is a Magnet to hold men on it.  The Hill that bears My Name is as the Star of Bethlehem was in those days — the Light and the Way and the Prophecy coming true.  The Hill that bears My Name will have direction complete.

Men will try to intimidate, procrastinate and complicate, but the magnet through which This Miracle came, to draw men to the Magnet of the Hill that bears My Name, will hold all things in place, sometimes literally, as men would say it; sometimes spiritually, as men would not recognize it; and sometimes verbally, vocally, and yes, physically.

Children who desire to participate in this Great Project for The Father must know that it is a Project that is for the good of the whole world, not just a few, and those who He has chosen, with adventuresome spirit, to perhaps construct, do, perform, give, extend, until the Project is completed for man, these children will be expected to obey The Father’s Command.

So many children look upon this Place as a Place to go that will give them something to do.  True, but bear in mind, and all children should know, that this mound of soil is to give men the opportunity to perform and to serve and to extend their physical role, so that things will be given to other men in the Name of The Father Who loves each one.

There are so many things involved in this Great Hill.  There are so many areas the child never reveals.  There are so many facets to this Light, this Star, that men will not see all at once, for it would blind them.  And that is why the Star of Bethlehem was held so high in the sky, for to be close to it, the Power of the Light would be blinding to man’s sight; and so with the Hill that bears My Name, if men were to know at one time every facet of it, and how the Magnets, The Miracle, draws children to the Magnet for all mankind.

More will be said, more Lessons given, but listen once again to the Words God–driven.  So be it.”

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