ON OCTOBER 15, 1974 AT 3:00 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bonaventure.  I smile through this child oftentimes and I retort in many ways to children who speak of different things.  Here in the Heavens today, We heard children planning for hope, planning to discuss and to extend the Will of The Father in every way.

So few children upon the earth desire to love in a dignified way.  So few children want to follow a stable path, a path that will lead them in a perfect direction so they will not stray.  Children must look to the obvious and children must look to what was; for instance, The Ten Commandments were, are now, and will be.  These are the things that will hold children in a facet, a phase, a place of stability.

As you look at a diamond, it glistens; that is, if the facets show the beauty of it.  Sometimes the diamond can be dull, lifeless, but polishing it, and the facets will become alive and show.  So, My children, it is with Faith; the more it is polished, the more the facets will show.  I say to you on this day, ‘The more you desire to serve God in a loving way, the more beautiful the facets become, to Faith, to the beauty of loving Him today.’ Remember, a diamond with many facets, cleansed, polished, beautified, gives great joy to all who see it.

Some children say, ‘I do not especially like diamonds,’ but when it shines, when it glows, when it sparkles and it shows, few children can pass by it for it draws them to it.  And now I say to you, ‘Throughout the world, children must come to the Greatest Diamond in the world — the Star, The Miracle of Love, Hope.’ As the Star shone at Bethlehem and drew men to the place where the Great Occurrence was, so it is again in the time in which you live — the Star shines bright, The Miracle, the Hill, the Light.  And children must better understand that all things in this Great Star that shines like a diamond will be to draw children with Light, show them the glow, the facets; and, do not forget, the more it is polished, the more the children will be drawn to it.

I love you for I love you with His Love, not Mine, for Mine is but the Love of a Saint.  And do not forget, My Love is, first, for The Divine; and through My Love for Him and All Things He is, I, in turn, can love you, but My Love is only a reflection of His Love.  Do not forget this.

So, be blessed by these moments, be blessed by the Diamond and the Star, and as you are, remember that as you see the Star that shone above Bethlehem at a great distance, always in a picture such as this, remember that the Star and the Diamond He has sent to the world is as close as your fingertip.  So be it.”

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