ON OCTOBER 17, 1974 AT 3:20 PM


“This little one through whom I speak has given man time to think and to speak, to deliberate in and upon the Magnitude of the way of Another Son.  This little one has beseeched Heaven to give children a chance to better understand The Miracle at hand, the Beauty It is, the Magnitude of It, and the Hope that It is.  This little one has fought hard to give men time, and when she allows Heaven to speak, The Saints to relate what The Father means, there is a softness, a firmness, a directness, and an obvious submission of will.

The child, unless men fed her, would never eat; unless the clock rang true, she would never sleep; unless children made noise in the movements of their way, she would be so totally given, taken, driven, motivated, activated, by Divine Will, that she would not partake in daily way.

I draw her closer, deeper, in greater measure to what I say.  She has fought this more than she will ever tell, for ecstasy is constant, but it is she who forces the lightness of it.  I would hold her deeply at all times but she shouts out loud.  No child could keep up with the degree I would be.

There are too many obstacles in the child’s way because of her love for man in every way.  There are too many areas in which the child must be preoccupied and this is what holds her away.  The child is more than an instrument, more than a link.  The child, in some ways, is the pendulum; in some ways is the food and the drink, the laughter, the silence, the trust, the example.

No man has ever stood so openly connected with Heaven, enduring what earth projects, what the movement of man extends, to distract, to even disassemble the profound facts.  Men do not know what sound is to this child or what obstacle means.

Ecstasy, in every degree, this child has experienced intimately, faithfully, and in humility.  No man in the world knows what takes place, what occurs, for this child to stand so submissively.  I have her where she must be.  The tears are far more often and profuse than men ever see.  The cell, the jail, being a prisoner, truly entails dedication in every way.

The child has fought Me more than I can allow to be.  It must cease instantaneously.  She has tried to cause Me to change My Will where her presence must be.  I deliver All Direction and she has finally succumbed, submitted, accepted, and bent to My Will openly.

There is no Miracle in the world as This One.  This child faces more than she allows to be seen.  Men will truly never know the degree of how a child stood for The Holy Trinity.  Even My Son’s Way was never truly depicted in the depth, light or degree it was seen at the moment it was evident to the world.  So it is once again.  This child is light in manner but carries a burden you will never know nor see.

I hold her deeply.  She has one little concern.  That is why she fights deep ecstasy, so she will be available when you need her.  I, The Father, have spoken to her about this.  Her argument is, ‘You do not need me but the children need You, and I, as Your servant, must look to their needs.’ I say on this day to the world, ‘I love you but I will be The One to Decree the depth of ecstasy, where, when and how.’ She has just accepted it be.  I smile and say, ‘The warrior has not retreated, only accepts The Father, Whom I Am, as the Leader.’

You will find her more direct.  You will find her not so concerned with things of your thinking or way.  It has taken Me a great time to not disassemble a child’s mind, but to prepare a child to walk more openly.  This child has walked in My Sight, Will, Way, Desires and Goal, far more than men know.  It is just that now I force My Will to determine her will’s way, openly, for the world to better see, feel, and be directed immediately.  I will have to release her slowly for if I do not, she will collapse from the Power.  So be it.”

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