ON SEPTEMBER 20, 1974 AT 8:30 PM


“The archdiocese, of which you name a particular area of Holy Mother Church, is not in tune with this Great Miracle set forth upon the earth.

My beloved children, I am Pope Pius the Twelfth.  I speak from the Heavens in a manner of your way, but yet with the authority given to Me when I was upon the earth one day.  I oftentimes look into areas where men meet and speak of such occurrences, happenings, as you are close to in your daily way, every week.

You must take into consideration that many men chosen for positions of order, control, do not understand how The Father might work in the time in which you live, for you see, all men in higher, authoritative places do not have the Faith, so they lean upon conversation, communication, and yes, the learning designated for them by other men.

You must not challenge, but you must stand firm on a position, in a position that you are aware of as Truth, according to The Rules The Father has given you.  You must not complain, but you must comply with The Father’s Rules, for you see, many men have forgotten These Rules.  They are The Commandments so few men adhere to, comply with, follow, teach now days.  The little ones are not being taught the Solid Rules of life.  Here in the Heavens, Those Who gather around The Father know The Rules are the Guiding Lights.

Also, this beloved Church that The Son put forth upon the earth to gather mankind, to teach mankind, to communicate with mankind, and to give mankind a Part of The Divine — this Church is in great jeopardy.  The intellectual men are not truly intellectual.  They are following the writings of other men.  True intellect is wisdom, true intellect is understanding, true intellect is in the Faith of how The Father would administer, would control, would deliver, would teach and yes, communicate.

So few men truly know the beauty of standing as a Christian in the world.  To stand as a Christian as The Father Wills it to be, means that men not only live in harmony, but charity, grace, purity, hope, love, and yes, service to The Father’s Will above all things.

I stand in the Heavens, and there are so Many Here Who every day deliver through this child many Words, much Wisdom, Direction, where children could receive nothing like It any place in the world.  Children say, ‘It is good, what I have just heard,’ but they do not follow every Word.

So Many, Many Saints stand Here in the Heavens and say, ‘Father Divine, why do they not see the Lessons You pour forth through a child?’ And He looks at Us and He says: ‘Children are arrogant, children are so righteous, children say I could not work this way, but if the truth be known, I have laid down The Rules; I have, through These Rules, given men Life, Light, Hope, Faith, and a path to come Here to Me one day.  Men say, “I will strip myself of all things just to follow You, my God.” They do not.  The men who follow My Son’s path do not strip themselves, but they gather, as they go, all the gains they can — monetary, and yes, physical.’ You, My children, must know The Father is sad because the Souls will be lost and He loves so deep, so much, that He cannot bear to see such loss.

It is true, I was a Pope.  It is true, I was a priest.  It is true, I was a man.  It is true, I was a child, and it is true, I loved so deep.  It is true that my love was generated first and motivated first by my love for The Holy Trinity.  I was favored much when I was upon the earth.  First, I was granted a great privilege.  I was able to serve in a particular way, on a particular path, to draw Souls to Him one day.  Many times I stood in error; many times I would commend men for what they did not deserve, but I saw only the surface at that time.  When the time came for me to leave the earth, I looked into His Face — what a Privilege, what a Grace.

And I say to you now from the Heavens Where I am: ‘Work to see His Face, pray to see His Face, and serve in every way possible just to see His Face, for you see, the Grace is reward, Sainthood, reward; and, the more you serve, the more you will desire to love Him, serve Him, and see Him.’ I promise you that at the last moments of your hours upon the earth, you will lean upon how you served, for it will give you strength.  You will lean upon your love, your Faith.  You will lean upon your hope, and if you do not train yourself right, if you do not train yourself to the depths of your whole being, you will feel at that moment, fear, weakness.  But with the proper background, the proper base, you will feel an excitement, a happiness and a Light, for you will know that all things were worthwhile, but that now the time has come for you to face The One Who created you, The One Who loved you, The One Who will judge you, and The One Who gave you the strength.

There are so many ways to bless children in the world.  The Father, of course, does it with His Great Love, the Grantor of all Grace.  And I, I have My own way, and when I do it, it is through His Power, His Love, and yes, your Faith.  He has given Me the privilege to bless each of you in an individual way, but the Words I will extend will sound the same; but, for each child in the world who has a different, definite, beautiful love, Special Grace will be given from Above.

I bless you with My hand on your head and I say, ‘Let your mind and your will think only of Him and forget the worldly cares,’ and now I take you to your breast and I say, ‘Join your heart with His and He will do the rest,’ and as I cross you one side to the next, I lovingly say: ‘God, give them the Light to follow the Teaching.  God, give them the way to desire only Your Face.  God, give them the desire for purity so they will be judged immediately for This Place.’ So be it.”

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