ON OCTOBER 7, 1974 AT 2:15 PM


“My beloved children, there are so many peoples, children, loved ones in the world, who do not completely understand the physical role.  They are born and they are motivated by things they like to do, things they will to do, things they have to do.

I, My children, am Saint Peter.  I smile through this child at you and I say that when The Son called us, each a different day, each in a different way, each for a given role, at the time of the calling, we did not know.  First of all, we wondered Who He was, The One we wanted to be with, to follow, to walk, and to, yes, exchange many things along the path with.

I smile again and I say, ‘The Teaching began small in every way, but eventually it got so profound that we would question more and more and more and more, as we sat upon the ground listening to the Oratory, the Lessons, the Beauty and the Love in which this Man spoke.’

So it has been all along in This Miracle for man, through man.  You see, It began very, very slowly, very, very small, but always with the Wisdom of The Father for all.  And now It has reached a point of Great Profoundness, Great Deliberation, and yes, It is to give to the world the Correct Motivation.

Children must better understand the privilege of the human way.  They cannot just rest, in being man.  They must move constantly forward, on, and to give to others example, and yes, the truth at hand.  It is easy to sit, to rest, to wait, to hope.  It is easy to accept, without doing, what time would automatically give, but let the mind quicken, the love develop, the Faith grow, the motivation become all in the way for the Soul.

I, Saint Peter, say, ‘As I am known as the Rock, the stability, the fortress, the truth, I was also known as the one who stood back and said: “What have You said there? I did not understand it.”’ And the Man would say to me — Whom we did not truly know as The Son of The Father at that time — ‘Peter, think about what I have said.  Don’t dwell on what you cannot feel, but see the goal in sight in what I have delivered.  Do not anticipate but look into each Word, and then deliberate.’

I would sit with my head in my hand, I would think about what He had said and then I would say: ‘Wait, I have another question.  How long will it take me to speak like You speak?’ And He would smile and say: ‘Maybe never, Peter.  It will all depend upon your degree of Faith.’ So then I would say, ‘One more question,’ and He would say, ‘Yes, My son, what next?’ And I would say, ‘Is it not so, You are more than what shows?’ And He would smile and say, ‘Yes.’

So We would go on to another state, another place — a state of teaching, development, growth, motivation, and yes, I would ask another question and say: ‘What will be expected of me one day? What will I do, how will I act?’ And He would smile and say, ‘As your Faith will grow, as the prophecy has been made, you will one day be a great strength to men who will come long after you are gone.’ I did not understand this statement and I would throw out another question, ‘Who are You to say that men will follow my way?’ And He would smile and say, ‘Peter, it is not always easy to answer a question such as that, for you will have to perform many acts of love, hope, before you reach that direct contact.’ So then I would sit and ponder the answer, not knowing the fullness of it.

And now I say to the world through a child, through a Miracle, with all the Love and Faith that a Saint could extend, ‘Never allow yourself to be inactive in the way of man, but keep forging on to know more, to love deeper, and to grow in Faith, for in this way, you will become a Saint.’

I smile at children with a Great Love.  I smile when they answer ‘God’ lightly, lovingly, hopefully, and sometimes even mischievously, because you see, when He calls, children oftentimes give an answer to please only themselves.  But, through This Miracle, children are being taught deliberately on how to act immediately.

You are loved, My little ones, much.  There is much work to be done, much Faith to be shown, and much hope to be gained.  Do not forget this, for do not forget, I, Peter, was trained by The Son of God.  So be it.”

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