ON DECEMBER 13, 1974 AT 11:50 PM


“A child has been enlightened to carry a burden far beyond what men can feel, see, know, hear, understand, adjust to, comprehend.  This child speaks many times in the tone, manner of her way.  Men think it is she who is speaking, and yet, in her heart, her wisdom, she knows it is I Who am speaking the Words, delivering the Messages, and directing the way.

This child has been burdened with a cross she does not reveal the weight of to men, but she is constantly aware of the presence of this cross and the purpose it is given from Here.

This child through whom I speak is aware of burden and she cries out to men: ‘Do not seek the burden of the Gifts of The Father, just respect them, and accept only what He has for you in His Plan.  Do not try to absorb more than you can.’

This child has been placed upon the earth to give to the world a Coming of a Great Saint firsthand — a birth through the Light and the Wisdom of the Heavens; a birth of trust, obedience, Divinely given, driven, exercised, stabilized, motivated, generated, which permeates every fiber of this child’s being.

The world will not know, in essence, the blow by blow that this child has just endured for the sake of many Souls.  Tears have been shed, shock to the body had to be accepted, and complete releasement for all things untold.

‘The ultimate sacrifice,’ men say, ‘is total trust The Father’s Way.’ I agree.  I am The Father of The Holy Trinity.  This little one through whom I speak, through whom I am, walks totally for Me, always has.  There are no easy tasks for her.  She knows this.  She cries out loud, ‘God, help me,’ and I say to her, ‘I will and I do, to the limit possible in the world.’

This child is subservient to a Higher Will.  Men do not truly know the Magnitude in which she walks, for which she walks.  Sometimes, when she must stand strong, the penalty is far greater than any men know.

I bless you and I say, ‘I do not speak through a fool, but a child who gives totally in every way, and is far more alert to the meaning of men’s thinking, actions, than she does say.’ Sometimes I scold her for her silence.  Sometimes she scolds herself, but I have allowed her to speak or to not speak when it deals sometimes with her Soul.

I bless you, My children, in a manner you cannot know, for I am The Father and I want Souls.  I sacrifice again a man, a child.  I have been known to do it in moments before.  Do not forget, I sacrificed My Own Son to save the world.  So be it.”

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