ON NOVEMBER 12, 1974 AT 2:30 PM


Note: This Revelation was delivered to point out the wrong that such movies and plays as “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Godspell” are projecting.

“Plays, of an entertainment nature, regarding the fundamentals of religious doctrine, should be in good taste and always with the Magnitude of The Divine in mind, plus knowledgeable background correlated with the relative translation necessary to depict in majestic form, not hypocritical human development, the profoundness in which The Son of God walked the earth.  Men cannot relate to the human version of God’s Way, but must look to a Greater Power than men can know.  Wisdom, through which God relays to the world His Will, is not in the form men use to expound on the life of The Son of The Holy Trinity.  Wisdom is not nonsense nor mere interpretation, but wisdom is light and enlightenment of Divine Providence, Divine Will and Divine Goal.

The distorted, immature, degenerate portrayal of how a Divine human being walked the earth is a disgrace, and should not be in any way, through any priest, accepted in the name of the Universal Church.  Holy Mother Church is not just any church.  It is the stability for mankind.  It is the Teaching Church, the True Church, the Church of Wisdom, in spite of the men who have tried to corrupt it, dismember it and disable it.  Nothing that Our Lord created, begun, instituted, could, can, will fall.  But to see men, in a human involvement, emotional involvement, partake in the diminishing of this Great Church, sickens many Christians who believe and who love the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist, the Value of The Holy Eucharist, and the strength that Holy Mother Church is, has been and should be.

I write this letter, not in the manner men write letters, but in a way beseeching that rather than compromise, passiveness, or acceptance of the norm, the men in Holy Mother Church speak out against, rather than condone what is blasphemous and sacrilegious, and desecrates the Beauty and the Magnitude of the Universal Church.

If wars were fought with the music of bands playing, according to the area in which the war was being fought, men would fight with a great strength of emotional participation, and they would forget, in many areas, the dangers, the hazards and the confusion that true war stands in.  The movies or a theatrical play can add background to fill in or to stimulate action, emotion.  In reality, no man fights on the battlefield with a band of music playing, a song that urges him on, emote or promote conquering the enemy.

So it is with the ridiculous plays, movies that men are relating to God in.  The music plays and the blasphemous antics, suggestions and pornographic insinuations, intentions, display not the Will of God, but release from men and through men, interpretation, a humorous and corrupting, insolent and facetious way to diminish a Divine Reality and the beauty of Wisdom delivered through Divine Revelation, through Divine walking upon the earth, to give to the world the Will of The Father firsthand.”

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