ON APRIL 8, 1975 AT 5:10 PM


“My beloved children, for some time now I have tried to draw the child’s attention to Me, I would say the last thirty to forty–five minutes.  The child has tried to ignore Me, not because she does not love Me, but because of her love for you.  She said, ‘God, the children are tired, not of You, but it has been a drain, this whole seminar.’ And I said to her, ‘I want to speak.’ She said to Me, ‘Can You do it to just me?’ I said to her, ‘But I want them to hear,’ and she said to Me, ‘But they are tired and they are weak.’ And I said to her, ‘Child, I want to speak,’ and she said, ‘Can You do it later, God, the children are tired.’ And I said to her, ‘I am ready to speak.’

So, the child has once again put your way before Me.  She has suffered much in the last days, so in the weakness she feels, she respects how you feel; and, from this moment on, I have told her it will never be again, for you see, even though I have the time, I have the Wisdom, the Flexibility and the Love, the Charity, and yes, the Beauty of Understanding, I want this child to stand ready at any moment to accept Me.  I have scolded her much and now I will deliver to the world My Love and The Father’s Touch.

I am sending forth to the world through a timid Soul, a quiet Soul, My Love and My Teaching firsthand.  The child dreads all the times she knows will be at hand, so she must be on the schedule that I have set down, else she will not be able to handle the constancy of this program I have given for the whole world.

I want children throughout the world to know what I want them to know, what I want them to stand for, and what I want them to extend in the way of example and knowledge and wisdom firsthand.  I want them to give strength to all whom they meet.  I want them to transmit My Love in a general way, in a personal way, and I want the children to begin to know what This Miracle is all about, and that is, I have chosen a child, a Soul, to stand in the world for Me.

The child cringes at My Words for she knows that this means many, many hours of delivering Me.  I would have done it a different way but I knew that the children throughout the world could not stand it another way.  So again, like My Son, I send to the world another one, one who will be able to deliver the Name of Another Son Who walked with, for, and in a manner of My Way.

The Beloved Joseph must become known throughout the world, and The Beloved Heavenly Queen is giving strength to the whole land, for through Her I have given many Messages, and She is of The Divine, and She has given These Words to all of mankind.  And, the Beloved Joseph is also a Facet of The Divine.  Know this and deliver it to them, others of mankind.

This little one through whom I speak is physically weak and that is why she understands others who are physically weak.  The understanding is more profound than men know and I smile at her sometimes when she says, ‘God, let them alone.’ But I say now, that the world must begin to learn the first Teaching that I gave through a Son of Mine Who came to the world as man.  I am repeating all Lessons, I am repeating all Direction, I am repeating the way and the time and the means and the manner.  I am giving to the world firsthand, My Will for all men.

So, through this child I say to you today, ‘There must be many seminars, as you call them; but I call them ‘Revealings of Me’ to the world, for all men to come Here for All Eternity.’ How else can I put this but in the true manner? I am revealing to the world My Love.  I am revealing to the world My Teaching, to direct all of mankind to Me.  I am revealing the path, the manner, the means and the way, through a child who is timid as I did say, and who, in every way, worries for man.

So, as I bless you I smile and I say, ‘Don’t misunderstand Me.’ I love her for I know how she feels.  I had a Son feel the same way one day, but I am firm with her, I am direct through her, and I want the world to touch her, for in touching her, they will grow in Faith; for, listening to the Words through her, they will grow in understanding and love, and from this act of just being in her presence they will begin to better see what I am all about, what I want for them and where I want them to be.  They will begin to want to come to Me and that is My Desire, for when they desire more of Me, they, in reality, will desire Sainthood.

Men try to not want to be near this child, but it can never be.  They secretly want to be close to her for they know they truly feel Me.  But, she is not obvious enough and she knows this.  She does not declare enough what I Will, but I am working on this part of this Great Miracle.  The child will have to stand more in the open and more obedient to the times I Decree.  From this moment on, I assure you, it has to be.

I bless you from the Heavens and I bless you with Great Love.  I bless you with the Truth that comes direct from Above.  So be it.”

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