ON MARCH 3, 1971 AT 1:30 PM


“The weight of the Cross that was on My shoulder weighed Me down so I fell to the ground.  The weight of the cross and of the crown that are on the child’s head, leave no room for pride, for excuse, for error, for time.  The weight is so much, the world is so heavy.  Mankind is so strong in his sin and his envy, that the weight on the child is a weight that no man can know, no man can feel.

Her briskness with you is a strength revealed.  Her truth in her manner, her wisdom in knowledge, is to show man what is Here and is real.  The simplest Word, the kindest Thought, a little act from her, is always Mine for mankind.  Her gruffness with some is instigated by Me, delivered through her to show the Truth she is in.  I have taken her nature, formed it My Way.  I have taken her love, made it My Way.  I have taken her being, developed it My Way.  I have taken her trust and put it in Me.  I have accepted her littleness as an instrument of Love, and I perpetuate My Will through her acts for Me.

You see her as woman, I see her differently.  You see her as changed.  This is true, for it is now Me.  She has to stand up to the world, not in degrees, but in fullness of Me.  As she stands, she projects through her voice, through her way, through her wisdom, the Heavenly Court, the Heavenly Will, the Heavenly Purpose, in the Name of a Saint Who must not stand still.  His Name must be heard and it must be said on the lips of every man who is not yet dead.  I Decree it to be.  I will nourish This Miracle in every way, for it is My Son, Who was My Father, that must be seen from her, through her, with her.

I picked a little one, not weak but strong in My Way.  I picked her for many reasons, many things, and I will not allow mankind to stand in the way.  She carries the cross, she carries the crown, she carries the world all around, but she carries this for Me.  Never is she alone; she knows this.  Her tiredness is understood, her love is greater than any man can know.

You will find her, you will see her strike out at men when the eyes of mankind glow.  She will shout: ‘God does not need you, you need Him; so take your mockery and ego and your pride and clean it up outside, not in here.  You are wasting my time.’ They will be shocked, they will be angry, but there will be a spark of fear, for her strength will touch their hearts and they will reappear.  She will remember them for what they are.  She will tell them they are weak.  Oh my, how angry they will become, but they will know that she must stand for a Greater One; and they will seek her out, and she will win many through her staunchness and her love for Me.

Your thoughtfulness in The Miracle of My Son will be repaid in Grace, with a number, in a degree of Love, as man, you could not face.  Oh, My children, the work has just begun for My Son Who stands by My Side, ready to obey, ready to stand in a place as I say it must be.

I bless you in My Heavenly Way, with a Love beyond your knowledge.  So be it.”

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