ON JULY 16, 1969 AT 11:27 PM


“The crown of thorns that some men are asked to wear, to perpetuate the Will of God, weigh heavy on the desolate chosen child.  Words of consolation, words of wisdom oftentimes make the crown heavier, deeper, and yes, add more thorns to those already there.  My sons, the child who sits before you is of God, and in many ways suffers the desolation, the heartache and the thorns.

There are many Souls who will be saved and will enter the Kingdom of Heaven because of this crown she wears for all men.  Each Soul she comes in contact with, for My benefit and through My Command, adds a thorn to the crown.  The timber can weigh heavy at times, even when it appears to the physical eye as mere wisps of wood.  Do not let your physical eye make you think the crown is light.  It is not! It will not be!

Cherish all Contacts, all Revelations, all Prayers you have received through My Presence.  The day will come, you will look back and say, ‘If I had but known the Magnitude of This Miracle, I would have kneeled through each Revelation.’ If man were to see the end, it would be more than he could take.  Do not anticipate.  Do not presuppose, and do not imagine what it might be; you will be wrong.

I say these things, not in a reprimanding way, but in Love.  Protect all men, My children, from false anticipations, false ideas, false predictions, and let My Way come forth clearly, not overshadowed by you.

I leave now in Love and understanding of all concerned, and I hold in My arms the child who must face all for Me.  Sometimes she says, ‘I don’t think I can do it, Saint Joseph.’ And the Heavens ring out, ‘You must, it is God’s Will!’ So be it.”

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