ON JUNE 11, 1975 AT 8:28 PM


“My beloved children, I am One Who loves you very much.  I am One Who walked a given path.  I am One Who walked a similar one to the child who talks just like that.

My beloved children, I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I have spoken many times through this gifted child, through this child who walks not hearing the Voices as I heard Them, but the Voices directing her to hand to you The Father’s Will, The Father’s Gifts, The Father’s Way, The Father’s Love and The Father’s Hope for each of you.  The child oftentimes says to Me: ‘Joan, what next? Will I have the strength, physical, to endure the blows?’ And I say to her, ‘The cross is always a heavy cross, the weight far more than you can know, but the Goal, God’s Will for Souls.’

So today, in a special place, I give you The Sign of The Cross that I carried for many men to better understand the Will of The Divine.  The child through whom I speak, a puppet of The Father’s, and yes, bears many pains for the world to better understand not fame, but the Gift of Love, Divinely made.  The Beloved Church you hold so dear wonders about her and says, ‘If she is of right, oh Heavenly One, what next?’ The child returns to many tests — tests that men produce, men conjure up, and men that do not come forward in a nice way to project.

Oftentimes, on this journey, this mission, this commission, the child has been told: suffering, work, time, love, performance, perseverance, tolerance, and yet the child has been told there is one thing above all this and that is obedience to Divine Will.  Man’s will comes second to Him, so as this child knows the world will expect obedience to man first, the child has spoken to you much on this journey and says to you, ‘It is The Father’s Will first and then man’s desire next.’

Men fear this child and, as you know, her life has been in danger many times.  Men wish to rid the world of her so they will not have to change their thinking, their tactics.  But the child, always knowing to move this way, to move that way, has oftentimes missed the pass — the pass that men would take, whether it be by hand, mind, words, or other means.

The child must be protected.  She has fought this, and I, Joan of Arc, say to you now, ‘If but the men would have come to protect me at the last, I might have been able to do more in God’s Name, but men allowed me to die because they were too weak to stand by and fight through the tests.’ I say to you on this night: ‘What will your decision be? To fight until The Father’s Will is totally done, or will you, too, run as they did?’

I bless you with the Shield of Honor.  I carried it.  I bless you with the Sign of Hope.  I wore it — the Sword of Love, the Sword of Light and the Will of The Divine for all mankind.

I, Joan, cry for this child in the Heavens.  I, Joan, oftentimes say to The Father, ‘Must it be such a tedious task?’ And He says to Me: ‘Joan, My Will must be done at last, for the world is in a worse time than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Men are taking other men to Hell.  Men are leading them by the hand and men are following easily, without worrying about My Commands.’

So I, Joan, say to you today, tonight, and for all time, ‘What is your first will, the Will of The Father or the will of man, or is it self–love?’ I promise you, I, Joan of Arc — Saint, they have named Me — you perhaps will have to take a test one day.  Which will you choose: The Father, man, or you? I shout from the Heavens, I pray to The Heavenly One that your choice will be Him first, He first, The Trinity first, so that other men will grow in strength, other men will be able to stand and say, ‘There must be something to becoming a Saint.’

I bless you with My Sword, I bless you with My Shield, and I bless you with the Fire that cleansed Me for what is real.  So be it.”

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