ON JUNE 29, 1975 AT 3:46 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Boniface.  You speak, you laugh, you ponder, you think, you rejoice, you compare, you love and you share.  And I stand Here in the Heavens and I say, ‘Men suffer much upon the earth, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, through the human means.’ The love they feel they deserve, they understand, they know, they acknowledge, they hope for, is a great suffering to them, for through this love they feel the natural way.  But I come to the world today and I say, ‘Be aware, My children, of so much self–love, and love for the natural, love for the human, love for the way that you expect all things to be, for in reality, there are many ways to love totally.’

First, one must understand that the creation of men was the Greatest Love in the world that any man could see.  To look at each other is God’s Love for the world, God’s Love for man.  Look and see — that’s where Love came from, from The Holy Trinity.  To look into man’s eyes means life, light, hope, motion, action, emotion.  To look into a man’s face says life, and it says there is a stimulation here, a motivation.  To look at a man’s movement is the movement of service — service to man; service to God, of course, first, is truly an act of love, a gift of love and a hope in love.  This is love, My children.

I, Saint Boniface, come to the world, and many times through this child, and I depict, I stand for, and I ensure that to stand in the way of man is God’s Love in many ways, for the whole of the world.  So many children come to this child.  So many children want this child to stand in correction of their way, and yes, in answer to their way.  So many men want her to answer for their way, and so many men want her to say, ‘This is the path you must take.’ This, My children, she does know, weakens the children, and she says, ‘Stand on your own, stand in the truth, stand in the way, stand for the truth, and stand in what God wants you to do and to say.’ Children do not understand it now, but the time will come and they will say, ‘She made me stand on my own and I thank her for it today.’ And she will say, ‘Thank The Father, it was not my way.’

So now, in the world this child does stand not in hopelessness, but hopefulness and in hope, for the world must come to this Great Place, the world must see God in her face and the world must know that she stands for God for the good of man, for the benefit of Souls.  This child stands in more suffering than you know.  This child stands in more disgrace than you know and this child stands in more jeopardy than you know.

She will forget what I have said, for it is My will through The Father’s Creativity, through The Father’s Will, that I extend These Words.  She ponders and she says, ‘What are You saying to them?’ I smile down upon her and I say, ‘It is for the good of men.’ She accepts My Message, she accepts My Way, and she accepts what I say.  She searches My face out to find another meaning to what I say.  At no time has there been in the world such a child — so demonstrative, so full of wisdom, so compact, and yet, who knows that the intellect that she thrives upon, extends to man, is not of herself but of the Holy Way.

The child has suffered more than men know, in the past; and the future to come, I dare not say, for she will face many men in the openness she has, is, stands for, and the light of every day.  Some of you have experienced some of her encounters with man.  Her logic, her desire for proof of totally Divine Plan is always at hand.

Many times she has put herself in jeopardy to show God’s Love for man.  We Here in the Heavens say, ‘Child, wait,’ and she says, ‘No, they must see in Faith what He wants of them.’ We smile and say, ‘Let it be that way,’ but she does not realize the jeopardy she stands in, the totalness of hurt, and men do not protect her as the full worth.  She knows this but she will never be the one to tell them.  And I erase from her now the Words I say for she will reject security her way.  But The Father says, ‘She stands in a motion, a commotion, a promotion, for the whole of man’s sake.’

As she slows down verbally, it is to erase from her the Magnitude of what I say.  No child has ever stood in such jeopardy as this one today.  Whatever The Father says, she says.  Whatever The Beloved Mother says, she says.  Whatever The Beloved Joseph says, she says.  Whatever We say, she says.  What more jeopardy could you be in, in any day?

And I, Saint Boniface, say to the world, ‘The world has been given a Gift — submission of life in total dedication for all that is to be had, all that is to be given; total dedication of life, limb, Soul, body, emotion; total dedication of human love, total dedication of supreme love, total dedication of only what the child knows must be said.’

I truly say to the world, ‘The Gift is far greater than you know, the submission far deeper, and even Here in the Heavens, moving, for very few children in the world could ever submit so totally.’ The Father says, ‘I have chosen well.’ The Heavenly Mother says, ‘The sacrifice is far greater than men know,’ and The Beloved Joseph says, ‘I did not want so much suffering for one child, but as it is The Father’s Will, I must accept as I once did.’ But the child stands totally in the Eyes of Divine Love.  The child, since birth, and before then, was predestined to stand now.

I burn her eyes with the Love of Him, and as the Water flows, it is to cool the burning of love that she truly feels for Him.  So be it.”

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