ON JULY 27, 1975 AT 8:20 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  Through all time men have looked to My way, the time at least that I spent in your way.

I come through this child and I say, ‘As I saw The Heart, I felt The Heart of His Beloved Way, I extended my heart in a special way one day.’ Children now understand what it is to extend to man the beauty of a heart, for the beat of a heart says life, the beat of a heart says a goal for a Soul, and the beat of a heart says God has given a particular way.

Oh, My children, as I speak through this child I say: ‘Men must begin to know how this child walks in your day.  Men must begin to understand that a particular child was chosen to walk, to stand, and to extend to the world firsthand, God’s Love in every way.’

I say to you now through a child such as you, that you must begin to know the heart that beats within you is a heart of not modern day, but a heart of all day, for the good of mankind to begin to understand of the Goal to The Divine.  I also say to you, ‘Understand this: that submission of one’s will to a particular way is to guide mankind to a given way.’

Children have been chosen throughout the world to walk and to talk, to speak and to say, to know and to give and to deliver a Divine Way.  Some have said: ‘God, it is too much.  I cannot succumb totally Your Way.’ But in this Great Miracle of Love and of Hope, a child was chosen whom God knew would say, ‘Only Your Will, God, not mine today.’ But even when the child, in the beginning, would fight to stand on the truth and stand with all might, The Father would say, ‘It is My Will, My child, not yours,’ and she would say, ‘Thy Will, my God, today.’

So, through this example and through this subservience of a will, and through submission totally to Divine Way, I say to you today: ‘Let your heart beat with Divine Way.  Let the heart God gave you walk for Him every day.  Let the mood and the mode and the way of your life change to walk only for Him without strife, and begin now, My children, to better understand the beauty that it is and the privilege to be man.’

So, as I extend to you the beauty of sound, I say from the Heavens Above: ‘It is worthwhile, My children, to walk a particular path.  It is God–given to be blessed, to see and to understand a Miracle of Beauty, a Miracle of Growth, a Miracle of Love, for the whole world.’ So stand as you are, firm in every way, and give to God what is due Him in every way.  Know, that as you are in the world today, you stand alone sometimes, for men do not understand in a special way.  They are used to men acting just as man, but few will understand the beauty of serving The Father in a given way.  So be it.”

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