ON AUGUST 15, 1975 AT 5:30 PM


“The formation of Holy Mother Church had first, the Will of The Father, then the planning in which it would be built, formed, and then the structure and degree of structure in how much it would encompass both in the world and men.

When the plans were to be begun, the place, the time, the means to form the basic structure was man.  The Father used the physical to formulate the total means and manner so the Foundation would be understandable to all men.  First, the Part of Himself — Wisdom, Justice, Protection — He molded in the form of a human being.  He added here Obedience, Trust, Talent, and He called Him ‘Joseph’.

The next step was to place a Vessel, a Tabernacle which would depict All Purity, Beauty, Majesty, Love.  He took these things, formed through His Will — this Part called ‘Mary’.  The Foundation was beginning to be seen.

Now The One would have to come that would consummate this Great Gift.  The Sacrifice, the Wisdom, the Love and the Hope were but a few Particles of Himself that He molded into The Vessel.  He added Obedience, and then He multiplied and molded the Wisdom to a degree that would be termed only ‘Supernatural Grace’.

This parallel is now taking place in the world of today.  The Protector is The Great Miracle of Hope.  The Vessel bears the Name ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope’.  The consummation, the sacrifice: a child in the world who knows only the obedience to Divine Will.

I have given you a formula formulated by The Father Himself.  I add to this: Both of these parallels contain a consistency of Values men must understand and come to realize as the evidence needed to fulfill The Father’s Will.

I am Saint John Vianney.  The child, in more awareness, becomes less concerned.  The child, in total submission to Divine Will, becomes observant in manners and ways with Discernment, through a Light she does not see, a Sound she does not hear, a Love she cannot feel, but a trust and an obedience that forces a drive to fulfill in thought and action, Divine Prophecy.  So be it.”


“The Hill will live on but the sacrifice will die.”

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