ON OCTOBER 1, 1975 AT 10:45 AM


“I use a light voice, I use a delicate nature, I use a child who is willful on her own.  I use a child to give to the world My Love, a Miracle.  I use a child who stands as a woman in the world.  She is a wife, she is a mother, and yet, she is a friend to many.  I use this child to distribute to the world a Miracle.  I use a child in the world, small in many ways, and yet gentle in more, and I say to the world from Here, from the Heavens: ‘I am The God of All.  I am The Father Who created all men.  I am The One Who stands ready to judge every man.  I am The One Who uses this delicate one to give My Love, and yet give My Command, that all men understand they were born to the world for a reason.  The reason is to return to Me the Part of them, Special in My Plan.’

I send to the world, I send to all men this Great Message of Truth.  Men must begin to understand that they were created as men for a reason, not just to walk away, and die from the world and then it is the end.  There is great reason for everything I do.  There is much to My Plan.  There is Greatness in all My Thoughts, My Words and My Love.  Do not forget this, and tell every man.

This child must be seen in many ways and I command it, I demand it to be, for in her nature, she will hide, and it is up to you men to see that she is seen throughout the world.  It is My Command.  I command each of thee.  So be it.”

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