ON OCTOBER 1, 1975 AT 11:57 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Borromeo.  So many children in the world say, ‘God, tell us what You want of us today.’ So, He sends a child to the world and the child says: ‘The Father says you must do this, you must do that.  It is for the good of yourself, your Soul.’ And the world says: ‘How can it be like that? He would certainly send a different means, manner, way.’

Men, through time, have never understood how The Father works in such a natural way.  He gave man a physical life, He gave man an intellect, He gave man a sensitive nature and He gave man a will, and men, always using these things, always determine the proper manner in which all things should come to them.  They do not understand that perhaps The Father, in giving them all these things, is allowing them to use this manner of communication with Him and He with them, for the simple reason, how better could they understand what He wants of them.

Oh, My children, there are so many things yet to be spoken through this child, and yet there are so many things that she has spoken before this time; that is, through the means of the physical, and it is from Here that All things come.

This child stands on a tightrope, not just across the ravine on the City God desires to be, but throughout the whole world, for no matter where she goes, a tightrope awaits her.  She knows this.  And on the tightrope it is a strain to keep her balance, for she is aware that only The Father’s Hand can hold her upright over sea or land.

I smile through this child and I say, ‘Make men aware that this Great Miracle is for all men in all ways, in not only your day but days to come.’  So be it.”

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