ON OCTOBER 2, 1975 AT 6:37 PM


“My beloved sons, I am Junipero Serra.  I have announced Myself to you today for there are many things and issues I wish to explain to you in your day.

I walked the earth.  I walked with men, men who could not understand me, and yet men to whom, with whom I could communicate.  I told these men of the natural resources they had to use, the Gifts from God.  I told these men the privilege it was to walk the road, the path through.  I showed them furrows in the ground.  They understood that.  I showed them seeds and they watched me, and then I would take the earth and put it lightly over the seeds, and then, with my hands, I would describe to them that this seed would grow as high as man.  Some, I would say, ‘So high.’ Another one, I would say, ‘Oh, this high.’ Another one, I would say, ‘To the sky.’ And they would nod their heads and say, ‘Ah, yea, yea, yea, yea.’ You see, by this time I had learned to communicate with the nod of the head what response I desired of them while I was teaching them my way.

I spoke a language they did not understand, but I spoke of a Cross carried by a Man.  I spoke of a burden and I threw upon myself a weight, and this is how I communicated with them.  They understood.

So it is in your time, the time in which you live.  You are in a part of the world different in many ways, and yet, remember one thing: Each man you meet has a heart.  Each man you meet has two eyes.  Each man you meet has a mouth and each man you meet, two arms; each man you meet, two legs; each man you meet, blood in the veins.  Each man you meet desires to be loved.  Each man you meet desires to love.  Each man you meet desires to know more, perhaps from you, for you see, all the action of the past, that is, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, left a particular burden upon each of thee.  Things did not end on a Hilltop.  Things began on the Hilltop.

And so it is now in the time in which you live.  Things are beginning on a hilltop.  Things are beginning to come into focus for men to better understand.  This City you have been given to build is a City for men, designed by The Father, with History behind it — ‘Bible’, you say — and in this Great City men will have to communicate.

Those who stand where The Heart beats will desire hope for the physical.  Those who stand where the Ascension is seen, where the Crucifixion is evident, they must also have hope, and men will have to communicate and say, ‘This is the way.’ The bridge that says, ‘I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you, I command you,’ this bridge will say more to men than you know, for men will have to see it in the language of their way, written just so.  Men will pray out loud, men will pray silently.  Men will pray, just through their action by kneeling for the first time in many a day.

So, you see, you live in a time when action of word through love of The Divine is not unusual, but was practiced for a long time; and as you practice it, remember, be kind, be charitable, be honorable, walk in integrity, and do not expect of other men what you could not do yourself, for you see, all men have a capacity, all men have capabilities and all men have needs.

Communication can be easy if there is love in the communication, honest, true love.  Communication can be beautiful when there is teaching in the communication, not a teaching of a pounding of the fist but a teaching of understanding, a teaching of desire to give rather than to receive; the teaching with the ability to grow, not causing the other one to be stifled and allowing only yourself to show.

Oh, My children, it is true.  I am Junipero Serra and I have spoken many times through this child, and oftentimes she has said, ‘Do You come because of certain reasons?’ And I smile and I say, ‘Ah yes, My child, I am sent at given times to help in methods and means that perhaps another Saint, it could be beneath Them; or, who knows, it could be another way, according to God’s Love and Means.’

So, as you are in a land of perhaps despair in many ways, you are in a land of Hope.  And remember, there were two Hilltops — the one that He died upon, and do not forget, there was also a Hill in a small corner of the earth, small perhaps to man’s eyes but He was born upon it.  All of life was born upon this small mound of soil.

So as I say to you from the Heavens Where I am, ‘Do not lose hope for in hope there is light, and in light there is truth, and in truth there is wisdom, and in wisdom there is generosity, and in generosity there is charity, and in charity, it is example to the whole of man, be charitable, My children, be dignified, and enjoy serving The Father.’ And be aware of the tasks you have to perform before the day comes and all is gone in the world.

Remember, warriors have fought many fights for God, and you have been placed upon the earth, you have been given the privilege to be a warrior in this great time of need when people throughout the world seek the honest approach to God, the sincere approach to be in His Favor.  Many men are victims of the desire to be in the Favor of The Holy Trinity.  The child knows that to be in Favor of The Holy Trinity means a great burden, a cross; but, do not forget, the desire to be in His Favor is good.  It is the act through which you act that could be harmful to you.

So, as you are blessed with a Communication from Heaven to earth, I say to you now, ‘You know what the Sign is, like this.’ Well, bear in mind, the same Sign I walked the earth with was the same Sign I did like this.  So be it.”

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