ON OCTOBER 6, 1975 AT 9:13 PM


“My beloved children, I truly arrive to your attention from a Place you have never attended, only in the Vision of The Father, the Desire of Him, and the Love from Him.  You have touched the Oils of My Way.  You have touched the Love of His Way and you have touched the way I must be seen throughout the world.  You have touched a child who stands obedient totally to The Father’s Will.  You have touched the Supernatural Means, extending to the world the cure for many things.

Children who come in contact with this child see a natural source — a physical woman, and yet a child who stands in total service as a puppet, more than man.  You see a child who is in the world but not of it.  You see a child who stands totally in service to Divine Grace.  You see a child who always says to The Father, ‘Let me be hidden; let no man see me as You have placed me, for then I feel I could serve You greater in every place.’ And The Father says, ‘Is it not My Will you must surrender to constantly? Is it not My Desire that must come first?’ And the child is in subject to Him as a puppet in His Honor and Love for the world, and she must say, ‘Yes, my God, Your Will at all times.’

I am truly Saint Joseph, My children, and I truly come from The Divine.  I do not play tricks on those whom He loves, but I say to you now, ‘Be aware that a child has been placed upon the earth, not to scare, not to frighten, but to honor His Will and to hand It to men whom He has chosen to walk in a manner of service.’ You, My little ones, are aware of what service is, and I say to you now: ‘It is not My Desire to become known throughout the world.  It is The Father’s Will it be done in your time and in your day through a natural source as I once walked in the world.’ And be alert, My little ones, to the fact that a child walks solely intact, according to the String The Father pulls.

There are many things, many facets to this Great Miracle.  The child will return to many things.  Instead of twenty hours of work, the child will return to day and night.  She has been told this.  She will sleep two hours and work four; sleep one, work five.  She has been told many times but it is difficult for her, for you see, she loves man so much that she does not want men to see her differently.  I beseech you, My children, to help this child walk the Path for she is more alone in the world than you know.  Even now she tries to hide from you My Words, but I say, ‘It has been a long time that this child knows that she must walk a different way.’

The Beloved Heavenly Mother speaks much through this child and the child oftentimes beseeches Her to take The Miracle away, for she knows men do not understand what it is all about and she feels so small in such a Great Miracle.  I, Saint Joseph say, ‘It has been prescribed by The Father that It come this way, and the child knows that when He took her heart, He took her will, He took her physical, and then the personality she leaned upon, He left only the nature she was born with and in, to accommodate His Will according to the way He described for all men.’

The child was taught to listen and she is obedient upon each call, beyond man’s imagination, and through her I speak to all.  The world must see her as she is.  The world must understand that though she is a puppet for The Father in the world of man, she is a subject with a Soul, and she knows that everyone will not understand.  But she must stop fighting to protect man, and to serve only The Father’s Will according to His Plan.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with Protection and Hope, and I say to you on this day in your time, ‘You are blessed with a Miracle, for a child has given her life for all men to see His Face, but men in high places, in some ways, try to disgrace the child who stands in such a lonely place all alone.’

The child knows that her aloneness is one no man can determine or understand, but I, Saint Joseph, say to you now, ‘I know the terror of such a Plan, the burden of such a Plan, the hurt of such a Plan, and yet, the beauty of such a Plan, for I walked it one day on the land.’ And many men never heard of how I felt inside, how We truly lived, for men have imagined many things and have described it as they thought it was, and now even, men say, ‘As it is.’

So as I bless you with God’s Love, I say from Heaven Where I am, Above, ‘Be mindful, My children, that a child has been sent forth to give to the world the Right Plan, to direct all children to the right path; for, in the time in which you live there is much promiscuity, much heresy, and many men who live only for the moment, not the Goal of life, and they do not even think about the Soul God gave for Future Life.’ So be aware, My little ones, of what is good and what is right.  And do not think that you are too tired to carry on for there is no tiredness in the world as the one in which this child does walk, with only a pure love.  So be it.”

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