ON OCTOBER 4, 1975 AT 12:37 AM


Please Note: The first few Words of this Revelation are missing because the tape recorder was not turned on in time.

… Saint in the Heavens.  I am Here because The Father deemed it so and His Judgment on Me was, first, because of His Love for Me, and then His Determination to the balance of things in how it had to be.  As I am a Saint, I say to you now, ‘I would not have arrived at this Position, this Place, unless I had walked the human realm.’

Children throughout the world, peoples throughout the world oftentimes act in a manner and a way, just adjusting their thinking to the moment at hand, but I say, ‘Look to the future, look to the manner in which you must walk, and look to the privilege it is to live and yet talk.’

Men spread devotion to The Father in action, word, deed.  Some men are methodical in their motion.  Some men appear haphazardly.  But, in the manner that I walked and in the truth that I talked, I say to you now, ‘Beloved men of all kinds, all vocations of life, be aware that it will be through the physical that you will, hopefully, spend All Time in Eternity Here.’

I, Saint Andrew, speak differently through this childon this night for I speak in a distinct manner, for the child’s physical could not withstand the blows of Divine Light, for every Ray that touches her, passes through her, is a Power alone, and the child’s physical must withstand These, as blows.  There are many issues yet to be accomplished, to be solved, so that things according to The Father’s Will can permeate the world with His Love.

The child stands in openness at all times but her quiet manner is important to Us, for in the quiet moment of day and night, The Father speaks silently and yet with Great Light.  The child, in a natural tone of voice, speaks the Words from Us as We force the Power of Hope, Wisdom and Light through the body God made to only accept the physical forces He made.  The child is physically spent beyond repair.  You in the world cannot see the amount that this has caused, the degree that it has taken to withstand the blows from Here.

My Power is so great the child can barely hold her physical straight.  I force her lids down.  She fights the force in a drastic manner.  Of course, I will win the fight and unless she succumbs to Me, her eyes will pain, as you would say, unmercifully.  It is just that the Power she must withstand is greater than any man.  The Light I shine forth through her is The Father’s Light.  I beseech all men to seek It, to believe It, to follow It, and to desire to understand It.

When it is time for Me to release her and she is prepared to move from this place, she will have to be guided, for the Power is to ease the pain of the burden placed.  Men’s intentions are oftentimes good, but men’s actions sometimes create havoc, burden.

I bless you and I say, ‘No man knows the burden this child stands in, not even the sensitive.’ Thank The Father, beloved ones.  You are blessed with Hope from The Divine Ones.  The child knows her Path, though driven by Him, guided and governed by Him, has many obstacles, and each obstacle has to be corrected, accomplished, beaten, or used in the beauty of the given end.  The child is so deeply drawn into the cone of Power, she wants to remain, but The Father forbids it for now.  So be it.”

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