ON OCTOBER 18, 1975 AT 2:00 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Patrick.  I have tried to gain entrance to this child for at least twenty minutes, but in her love for you she has said to me, ‘Saint Patrick, won’t You wait until the lights go on once again?’ I smile and I say: ‘Why should I wait for the lights to go on? I do not need the light of your way.  All I need is the child to respond to Whom I am, Where I am from.’

So I come to you on this day and there are many Lessons to be taught to the world through this child, and yes, through your example to all the peoples in the world in your day.

First: Tell them to listen to what is Truth, to seek it out, not to always try to understand it for they cannot, but to ask The Father to help them understand what is good for them in the way of man.

Second: Remember The Rules were laid down by Him.  He gave Them to every man, and sometimes He chose a child upon the earth to extend His Love and to admonish those who would not try to understand.

Third: He said, ‘Look at all the devotions I have extended to you by way of man and through man.  Be aware of these devotions and know that devotion brings response to Me, love for Me, acceptance of Me, and yes, attention to Me.’

Fourth: Bear in mind that you were born in the world in the way of mankind, but would it not be sad if all things ended when the physical drew to an end? I say to you now, ‘Be aware of a further Life, a Greater Life, a Life not dependent upon man but a Life solely dependent upon The Father’s Will.’

Fifth: I say to you, ‘Treat others as you will to be treated yourself.  Treat others with love, mercy and justice, charity and hope, and be assured that as you reach out with all these things, they are not just mere words.  Give to other men a helping hand and understanding of great worth.’ Men throughout the world say, ‘I want everyone to understand me, God,’ and they turn to a man and the man does not understand them; only his actions portray facade.

I say to you now in the world, I, Saint Patrick, ‘Be aware of all you are, whom you are, what you are, and the reason for which you were sent to this great, beautiful world on which you stand, and yes, in the vocations of man.’ The child stands in a particular place.  You stand in a place, picked by The Father, to supplement, to extend, to radiate and to be example of all that He wants of men.

You are privileged to be in this place.  You are privileged to hear These Words, for you see, They are directed by Him, The Father of All, The Father of The Holy Trinity.  Do not suppose things to be.  Do not anticipate the credulity of a man’s way, but be aware that he must stand, those with whom you deal, in integrity.  Be also aware of the Faith man has, the degree of it, the hope in it and the stability it shows.

There are so many facets to this Great Miracle.  There are so many things yet to be revealed.  The child must return to the place where she began, and then, through this time, men will hear from her firsthand, the positive action, the negative action, the positive truths, and the need for men to better understand that to walk for The Divine King, to love Him and to want to serve Him in every area of life, men must first radiate obedience His Way, and understand that The Commandments were not given to confine man but to show men the Light of the way, the principal things to look to, to adhere to, to obey.

Men must love The Holy Trinity and men must see the Beauty of The Father’s Mercy in giving to the world a Part of Himself: The Heavenly Queen and the Beloved Son Who walked such an obedient way, and a Sacrificial Lamb Who stood subservient to The Father’s Will in every way, and always in love with The Mother, The Queen of the Heavens, for He could not disobey.

I, Saint Patrick, say to you now, ‘You are children of Great Love.  You are children given to a position of life, a manner to walk in, a goal to strive for and to accomplish.  This child through whom I speak has given her whole life; not always easy, My sons.  The physical is weak, the Spiritual strong.  How else can I say the Beauty of This Miracle is one alone.

Men throughout the world have their own way of description.  Men throughout the world have their own way of interpretation.  Men throughout the world have their own degree of life–giving means, but the foundation of human life is not man’s dream but man’s participation in the Will of The Father.

This child has crossed a precipice few men could even imagine.  She is in finalization of it, and knows that in it she will have to accept the final degree of it.  The child will return when the time is ready, and she is more in tune now with the enemy.  It is not easy to know these things.  It is difficult to stand in knowledge of them and not discuss each facet of them.

Sometimes terror strikes, human need screams out, and The Father says, ‘Lean on Me.’ The child says, ‘But You are not human,’ and He says, ‘No, but I took Part of Me and sent It to the world.  Do you not feel I understand what you feel, what you know?’ And she says to Him, ‘I am sorry, my God, at this time it is little consolation to me,’ and He reminds her of a time when a Man shouted out, ‘Help Me, or have You forsaken Me?’ and it was for the sins of the world.

The loneliness is one alone; the Path, not easy to take, and those who envy this child make a grave mistake, for in envy, they do not see the Majesty of such a task and the graveness in its every step to accomplish a given task.

You are blessed, you are loved.  You are privileged to walk in the manner and the means, the way.  Success will have to be, but it will be a struggle all the way, for men envy this child and the Gift of the Blessing to serve; but, they forget one phase, and that is the burden.  The hurt is difficult when it is to serve the Ultimate in all things, The Creator of all men and all things, and the Deliverer of Judgment, in Justice, for all things.  So be it.”

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