ON OCTOBER 18, 1975 AT 11:10 PM


“I am Saint John, the Apostle.  Children do not understand such a Miracle as This.  They think about It, they try to look into It, and It is too profound for their intelligence to see the Magnitude and the depth of It.  Men will one day have to accept the Words, the Thoughts, the Directions, the Teachings that We Here in the Heaven project through this child who stands in an aloneness no man can know.  There are so many evidences that this child is correct, without fault, and true, but men, in their eagerness to bypass the responsibility, ignore and gather others, restricting others in their thinking by instilling theory rather than truth, theory rather than justice, theory rather than logic.

The child stands on the precipice, as usual; the tightrope, ah yes, and always willing to extend a hand when others might refuse it, but always with one hand in The Father’s so no man can abuse it.  This link between Heaven and all the men upon earth is a treacherous Path to walk and a Path wherein many men would balk.

I say to you on this night, ‘Much is to happen in this Great Miracle.  It is but a beginning in certain areas, but as time goes on, though it was difficult at first on this child and through her, the responsibility has increased a hundredfold on this voyage across the world.’ Now the child must return when the time is ready, and she will return with a burden that no man could possibly accept, desire, yearn for, or withstand.  The burden, I cannot describe to you.  It is beyond comprehension of man but it has increased and the child is aware of it.  Her physical has undergone a tremendous change, preparation, a totalness beyond comprehension.

I speak through a physically exhausted child and I say, ‘The morrow brings much and other days bring much, but you have learned, through the child’s patience, that all things must be directed by God Who is not just Patience, but Who is the Bearer of All Knowledge and Wisdom, The Creator of All Things, and The Director of This Miracle for Souls to come Here.’

You are blessed, you are loved, and you have been given a great task: first, to grow in Faith and to seek God’s Love; then, to protect a child who is all alone in the world; and then, to help others arrive at the beauty of hope so they, too, can seek God’s Love firsthand.  So be it.”

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