ON OCTOBER 21, 1975 AT 10:41 PM


“My beloved sons, I am Saint Vincent de Paul.  There are many children in the world who do not understand the Magnitude of This Miracle in the way of man.  But this child through whom I speak understands perfectly the worldly way, and yes, the meek.

There are so many issues yet to be drawn to the public eye, and there are so many issues yet to be given to the world, for you see, this Great Miracle has been given to the world in a natural means, to show men that God does, The Father does work through the human way.  There are so many men who say, ‘Prove to me, God, that this child stands in the correct manner, the correct way,’ and The Father says: ‘Wait! You ask Me to prove Myself to you? Did it not happen a long time ago, this way? Those of the men who stood by My Son, The Part of Me, The Second One, said, “If You are truly the Greatness You proclaim, then perform a Miracle.” And today it is the same.  This child stands and says, “God, help them to know I do not perform in the manner for myself alone, only for the good of the Souls that You determine to be.”

And so now, through this child I say to you, I, Saint Vincent de Paul, ‘Be aware of how you scheme, be aware of the purity of theme, and do not forget that thousands of years ago men made a mistake, an error.’ Men forgot to look for the Beauty of Truth and the Beauty of God’s Love.  They forgot to look to the Purity He was.  They forgot all the beautiful things, all the beautiful deeds He performed, and they forgot to accept that The Creator of all would act in a natural means.  They forgot to say, ‘If You are truly of the Divine Way, then let me help You in any way.’ Ah no, they stood by in terror, awestruck, and few men were able to even go forward, and most stood back for they feared for their own life.  And as each blow struck, The One Who stood in the manner and the way, allowed the blows to come evenly and roughly in every way, and yet it was not human to stand.  And men still looked at this Man and said, ‘Could He be true?’

My beloved sons, sons of an earthly measure, sons who have been picked to walk with a child who stands so alone in the world, be aware of the standards she constantly teaches you.  Are they not above the standards other men have taught you? Bear this in mind.  Also, bear in mind that as there is a constancy to example, a constancy to balance and of balance, for you to be able to stand in the world, be a part of it, and yet seek only Divine Love, is there not a consistency of values, a constancy of truth, and a fluid manner? No child in the world could walk as she does for you.  No child in the world could respond as she does, to the favor of The Father, to His Will.

There are so many issues this child must face and she says, ‘God, cannot some of them be erased?’ And He says to her, ‘Did they do it for that Part of Me?’ And she says, ‘No.’ So she is aware it is not easy to face every blow, but sometimes the blows are given by men who, in reality, want to show force.  These are the most difficult blows, for the blows of ignorance are easier to accept, and sometimes the most dangerous.

But I, Saint Vincent de Paul, say to you now, ‘This child stands on a tightrope and the loneliness that she is in is more than she allows you to know.’ The aloneness of the Role is something that men could not accept.  Sometimes the child cries out, ‘God, help me to know what is best for the Souls,’ and He says to her, ‘Be a puppet for Me.  I will perform through you and all things then will be drawn through the Rays of My Power, to respond only to Me.’ Men say, ‘Ah, such an easy role,’ and the child looks at men and says, ‘Not so, for to love so much what you cannot see, to serve so deeply and want to give more for what you cannot feel in the human way, is difficult.’

And I, Saint Vincent de Paul say, ‘The child is one alone in the world and men now discuss her and say, ‘Who is she?’ And others say, ‘Dismiss her.’ The Father listens to every word for He was The One Who placed this child in the world.  He was The One Who chose her for this position.  So as you stand with her, know that one day she will show the aloneness she stands in that is one alone.  And some of you, your hearts will ache.  Some of you will feel like you want to break, for you will see the littleness and you will feel the Greatness in the acceptance of responsibility for man’s sake.

I bless you and I say, ‘This child walks a difficult way, but you, in your path, must seek the beauty for the Soul and accept the responsibility of walking a picked role.’  So be it.”

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