ON DECEMBER 16, 1975 AT 10:30 PM


“My beloved children throughout the world, I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I speak through a human form, a woman in the world.  I speak through her with God’s Love, with His Hope for all of mankind to enfold the Beauty of His Way, the Magnitude in which He stands, and the Power in His Means, for all man.

Many difficulties resound through the world, giving credence to men of ambition, men of anxiety, men who desire attention to the fact they are alive.  Many, many, many, many men in the world stand in total fear of rejection from other men, from perhaps the Whole of Heaven.

I come to the world.  I speak through a child in the world and I say, ‘The tragedies, the heartaches, the depressions, manifested by men’s actions, are of great concern to The Father.’ What greater name can be given than ‘Father’? It says Protector, Provider, it says Creator.  Men must look to The Father, men must look to The Mother, men must see what men were created for and the beauty of creation that surrounds each man for the Goal of Eternity.

This child through whom I speak is an instrument, a puppet of Light and of Hope, of Projection of the Will of The Father; a woman in the world but not of it; a woman totally subservient to the Will of The Highest One.  I know what this position is.  I, too, stood in this position in the world.  I, too, stood subservient to The Father’s Desire, to The Father’s Love, to The Father’s Will, for the good of mankind.

Many men stand, trying to cause others to not believe, to delay things in progress so that the accomplishment will not be attained.  But I say that men who are strong in love with The Father, who have the Faith to believe, to understand, to desire to understand, will stand by this child to the end.  It is sadness Here for this child, for there are many dark hours.  She does not ponder in these hours but she beseeches The Father to allow these hours to be easier, to allow these hours to pass only in conquest, not in delay.

This child must return to a place1 she dreads.  She cries out to The Father: ‘Let it wait.  Let it not have to be.  Why do You return me to the soil of another land?’ And I, Joan of Arc, say: ‘I, too, fought a battle, many.  I, too, fought on land I did not want to be.  I, too, requested The Father to release me from this.’ But I say now to the world, ‘It is more courageous to fight where The Father Wills it to be, not always desirous on the child’s part, but the reason is necessary.’ The Father does not always say to a child: ‘You stand here for a particular reason.  Now this is the description of the reason,’ to help the child better understand.  Oh no, The Father says, ‘You stand here, I command,’ and the child, not knowing the result or the reason for the request, stands in obedience to face the tests.

I shout from the Heavens Where I am and I say, ‘Tell all men in the world they stand in jeopardy every day, for the senselessness of men’s actions cause The Father to have to take action in defense of His Greatness, in Love for mankind, against the enemy of Him and the enemy of men of all kind.’ The Father will not lose a battle against the enemy’s selfishness, but The Father does not want men to be the victims of this enemy.  The Father shouts with this Great Miracle and through It: ‘Be aware and beware.  Look to the Greatness I Am.  Look to the logic in All I teach.  Look to the Revealings I give through speech.  Seek out My Commands.  Be alert to My Demands, for in Them I give you strength to seek Me for All Eternity.’

I, Saint Joan of Arc say, ‘A child All of Heaven is totally aware of, I speak through today.’ Oh, children in the world, be conscious and be conscientious.  Be alert to the surrounding episodes and to the emphasis on self that the evil one instills through the weaknesses of men, to portray.

I bless the whole world with The Father’s Love and I say to you now from Above, ‘Men must begin to see the wrong in what is occurring and men must realize that all battlefields are not as I fought upon.’ Some are in closed quarters, some are in the atmosphere of men in power, men in truth and men in hope.  So remember, a battlefield can be a room, a battlefield can be an auditorium, or a battlefield can mean just the meeting of the eyes, especially where this child is concerned.  So men must look into her eyes, men must see her pass by and men must feel her presence in a room.  Men must seek her out, men must feel the Magnitude of her presence, and men must know that in her, God extends His Will.  So be it.”

1  Refers to Rome.

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