ON DECEMBER 25, 1975 AT 3:33 PM


“The time is three, three, three, on the day that the world celebrates the Miracle of Me.  The time is special to all of mankind, but I say to the world from The Divine, that every moment of the day every child in the world is important to Me.

My beloved children, not just in America do I speak, but I speak to children throughout the world.  Be aware of Whom I Am, How I Am, and What I bespeak.  This Great Miracle in the world is to give men of all races, all colors, all creeds, not the Dimension I Am, but the Magnitude of Whom I Am, and in the Persons of Which I am One, speak.  This Miracle of Light and of Hope has been sent forth to the world to give men a stability, to give men strength, to teach men the magnitude and the beauty of humility and the need for integrity.

This Great Miracle signals to the world how a Man once walked, He was more than a man; how a Man once took His responsibilities, accepted them in the way of man, and now His Name is broadcasted throughout the earth, through a Miracle, through a child, through a place, through a means and a manner never to be disgraced.  This Saint Who stands the Highest in the Heavens, for the place He stood in, for the way He stood, for the Role He took in the way of man, to leave forever the Mark upon the world: the beauty of how men should stand, men should partake, men should accept the role of manhood, the responsibilities of vocation to help other vocations motivate, stimulate love for The Father.

I stand in the Heavens far from your realm, but yet totally in control of your realm in which you live.  I have chosen a spot upon the earth, small; the number important to Me — 440.  So many men say, ‘Why that number?’ So many men say, ‘Why that particular spot?’ So many men say, ‘Why would You choose that woman to stand for You upon the earth?’ And I say: ‘Men have always disagreed with Me.  Men have always questioned Me and men have always used their littleness to try to decide what I should do.  Men have tried to determine My Reasoning.’

I Am All Things.  I Am Above reasoning, and if the truth be known, I Am Above truth.  Truth is a manner and a means in which I gave man the way to Me.  I Am All Things.  I Am All that is Good.  I Am All that is Creative.  I Am All that has Created.

Through a child, a woman in the world, I extend My Hope, My Light and My Love.  I extend the Beauty of My Way and I express, in a human form, My Desires for men to come My Way, never to stray.  I express the Beauty of My Light and I extend through this child, a woman in the world, the Direction to follow this Light.  Through her I motivate people to better build for the future rather than to become stagnant in the past.  Through this child who stands totally at My Command, totally with respect, I say to the world: ‘I give you the Proper Teaching.  I now give you again what I once taught before, through man.  The Wisdom is one alone, the Beauty one alone; the Facts, for all men to understand.’

I want the world to come to the land I have chosen; a small spot upon the earth, but do not forget, it is like that land.  It is small in comparison but it is more than a cave.  It is a place that could be termed ‘a cave’ upon the earth, but in reality it is to give men the reality of their birth.

This child is so subject to Me that men will never understand that she walks in a Mystical Land, totally dedicated to Me.  All things to be, all things to come My Way, will be transmitted through this child who stands subject to My Love in every way.  She must be obedient, against her own feelings.  She must see only My Will and she must be put and she must go forth to the places I say she must, for Me to instill the Strength that must be spread throughout the world, the Faith that must be handed to other men, and the beauty of Light, at My Command.

She will go forth soon to another land.  She will question and she will hope that I will not demand more than she can give, more than she can stand.  But I say to you now, ‘As I Am The Creator, I Am The Light and The Hope for all men.’ The child is so subject to My Will.  The child knows only the Commands of My Way.

The world must see this child for how she does stand and in what way.  Men envy this child.  Men calculate many things about her, but what they do not know is her love for Me will permeate the world, for the nonchalance, the aloofness that she walks in, totally subservient to My Will, throws many men off–guard and teaches many men the beauty of trusting in Me, not men.

I bless the world through her and I say, ‘It is because of My Love I have chosen this child to walk in the world and for the world, in this day.’  So be it.”

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