ON APRIL 23, 1976 AT 8:52 PM


“The child has rejected My appearance to you all day long.  This child has rejected many things, for you see, the tightrope she walks is different than a tightrope that you know.  This child has subjected herself to many ridicules and many attitudes.  This child has given the world the Greatest Miracle in the world, for through her all things must come to pass, and through this Great Miracle men must learn to see the realistic values that will last.  This child has been given to the world so men will better understand the truth that is to be shown through and by man.

This child has been given the values of the Wisdom to be taught to every man in the world; and this child now faces a task greater than any man knows, for All of the Heavens stand by and say, ‘God, Heavenly King, let Your Will be done through this child.’ And the child knows that men stand by and say, ‘It cannot be,’ and she says, ‘I cannot stand you for you do not understand The Father’s Will.’ And The Father says, ‘Child, it has been this way all through time, and if men did not determine this way, the world would not be in the turmoil it is, against The Divine.’

There are so many men in the world who are following satanic ideals, ideas, and are stimulated by the advantages of weakness.  I say to you now, ‘Would it not be wise to look to The Heart that beats, look to your heart that beats only for you, and look to the beauty of wisdom, rather than the idealism that man envisions, that make things worthwhile?’

I say to you now: ‘If this glass were more than a container, would you not say it has a value to it? But as it is a container for liquid of any kind, I say to you, “It has value to it, but one day it could break.”’ And the child says, ‘Don’t break it, Saint Mary,’ and I smile and say, ‘What would happen if I broke it, in their eyes?’ She says, ‘It could shatter, cause much dismay, and yes, much task to clean it up,’ and I say, ‘Child, what about all the things in the world that The Father sees strewn all about and has to clean up in His Own Way?’

So I want you to remember this Lesson on this day.  If you break this glass you will have to clean it up.  What of the sins in the world that The Father has to come, through the Beauty of His Heart, and clean up? For, you see, no man likes garbage around, for after a while it begins to decay and the decay begins to give a stench men cannot live with, men cannot thrive upon; and do not forget that the stench of evil is worse than this.  So be it.”

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