ON MAY 9, 1976 AT 5:50 PM


“A man has many facets to his being.  Personality is one of the most open ways that men see.

I, your Heavenly Mother, say through this child today, ‘Men must never forget the Holy Rosary.’ I speak of it with Love for in its repetition it says to Me, ‘I do not understand, Heavenly Mother, but I accept the Mystery.’ What is a mystery, My little ones? Is not a mystery something inexplainable by man, and yet bears an intrigue of wonderment, contemplation and hope? For mystery says it is exciting, adventuresome, and it bears with it, carries in it, the possibility of something not understandable, but exciting to see and to know.

This child smiles with the Beauty of Me, for now through this Great Revelation, the abandonment she felt disappears, for this child fights not only for Heavenly gain but for earthly measures, to help children in all factions of life, in all positions of life, in all needs of life.  I, your Heavenly Mother, smile through her and say, ‘To conquer one’s emotions, one’s fears, is truly a victorious day.’

This child must retreat, difficult for her to accept, and she shouts to Me: ‘I do not want to go.  I am just home.’ I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘The Son with Whom I walked the earth was forced to retreat to gain strength.’ She begs Me to not make it now but the physical is beyond, and I say to her, ‘It is as it was then, a time you cannot understand, but a time that the physical, mental and the Spiritual are beyond what men know the limit to be.’

Men must protect this child at all times from here on in for she will not tell you the danger.  I hold her in the funnel of His Light and she is aware of the dangers that appear.  She does not want to leave those and things she holds dear; subject to no one, obligated to no one but Here.  She shouts to Me, ‘Mother, things will be delayed,’ and I say, ‘Not if you obey.’ Men must accompany her and project the Visions clear.  The monetary measures must come forth.  This will be the means of support.

Another One wishes to speak.  I allow it, for in His desire He projects strength, yet He is meek.”


“My beloved children, I am Lazarus.  I worked with The Son, I walked with Him.  I was a Miracle.  I, too, walked as you upon the earth and I say, ‘It is necessary that men walk as I did in My day.’

The child, though seeming deliberately strong, is under a strain, and there are many moral issues to be strengthened.  The child knows this, but now time has come when the strength must be to the advantage of procuring facts, and until this child stands in a restful way, she will not be able to deliver in an extemporaneously way, the advantages of growth that must be to promote the extensions of Vision, financial stability and promotional feasibility.

I bless you, only through Heavenly Admission, Admittance, and I say, ‘The Heavenly Mother will speak to end this Great Revelation today.’”


“Oh, My children, be alert.  Do not allow men to distract you.  The child will argue going away, but the physical cannot continue on for the fulfillment of the tasks ahead.  She says to Me: ‘Heavenly Mother, I will not leave.  I love You but I intend to stay.  Do not, not love me, but I have just returned and I cannot bear to go away.’ I say to her, ‘He, too, said this and I would have to be a Mother and say, “The time has come for You to gain the strength to go on to further The Father’s Will.’” It will take her time to accept.  She does not want to leave any upset.

This child walks a path with much distress.  She searches out My Face for in It she finds the Grace to accept The Will to be done.  Her fear now is that men will not understand how she walks.  I, your Heavenly Mother, say, ‘Each of you has a given way; the child, a Chosen Path.’ She begs The Father for the given way.  It bears flexibility in it for every fact, but the Chosen Way bears only responsibility, burden, exactness, self–discipline, obedience and responsibility, to perform according to a format.

You must release her soon, as it will appear I do, but nowhere in the Realm of Heavenly Direction is a child dismissed for personal review.  She will come out of the funnel, not remembering all that was spoken through her.  She searches My Face out.  She does not care if you hear Words, for in My Face is satisfaction to her, and strength.  She is shown a glimpse of Me, a Mother’s Gift.  She tells Me she loves Me.  What a simple child The Father has chosen for such a Major Task.

She will describe to you what she saw: ‘Our Lady holding Her Arms out like the Immaculate Conception, was offering Love and Hope, Grace and Understanding.  She smiled, but I knew when She smiled it was a Mother’s telling the child The Father’s Will had to be done accordingly.  She said She loved each of you but you must earn Grace.’  So be it.”

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