ON DECEMBER 7, 1971 AT 12:30 PM


“Man uses a physical means to draw attention to the subject.  When man decorates a cake he oftentimes uses a cone–like shape so that the dressing or the decoration can be placed in the most advantageous point of interest, of need, of beauty; and so it is with Me.  I draw attention to This Miracle for a Beloved Son, and it is as if It is in a cone–like shape.  It is singular.  It is small, and yet I often refer to It as a Chalice of Love, a Chalice of Worth, a Chalice of Hope, a Chalice of Truth, a Chalice overflowing with Divine Love.

My children, you are present in a dwelling of your day with a child of your age, and through her I say, ‘She is not used as a decoration for This Miracle.  She is used as a cone, as a chalice, as a channel, as an instrument, to give the world My Love.’ The discussion that was held here on this day, My children, in the human way, compared The Miracle to how man would work, and how man would spread out in every way to draw others their way.  ‘That is man’s way,’ I say, ‘for My Power is so Great, My Power is Divine, that through the Power I extend, I draw mankind to the point I use, and this is how it must be for All Eternity.’

As I walked the road to Calvary, men were drawn to the sight, and men were given Grace when they felt compassion and wanted Me to be delivered from this way.  The Grace they gained was far beyond what they knew Grace to be.

And now as you gather in a small unit, I again extend Grace through a child, through a chalice of hope for the world.  As I speak, I speak from a Realm far beyond you, and yet you look to It for hope, as hope, in hope, and I say to you now, ‘Continue to look This Way, My children, for it is through your looking, your seeking, your desiring, that you will one day spend Eternity Here.’ Now, as the child is used as the cone, as the chalice, as the instrument, you are an extension of this, for you see, the part you play in The Miracle of The Divine Way is important.  Every word you do, every word you say, every step you take, every thought you have, is important.

The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is as dew on the grass.  It glistens as it shows.  It shines with the Grace from Heaven, and if you were to walk near it, you would feel the coldness of it and yet the warmth.  You would feel the solid feeling of it, the earthly sign of it, and yet the Heavenly Beauty.

There are so many, many things to be learned through This Miracle, and yet there are so many, many, many hours to be spent working for This Great Miracle.  Use each moment to save a Soul Who no longer has the chance to serve the way you do.  Teach others to serve as you are serving now, for it will take a great number as you, to work for This Miracle of Divine Love.

As I walked the earth, it was in service to The Father, and here again, it was to save mankind for Him.  Again a Miracle is placed in your midst and a child serves with love for The Father, and the purpose is to save mankind for Him.  And this time a Beloved Son is The Channel that The Heavenly Father uses, and this Son Who must become known throughout the world because of how He walked in the world — the human way, the giving way, the loving way, the serving way — He is to become a Greater Channel than man has ever known.

As The Heavenly Mother walked the earth, She was a Channel of service to God.  She bore Me in a way a woman bears a son.  Perhaps the actual birth was in a different way, but the action, the love, the caring of Me was in a cone one day.  And here again, The Father used a cone–like shape to carry His Love, to carry His Way, to carry Salvation for man.  Do you understand, My children, what I say?

So here again, in comparison, another cone is used, another instrument; for as The Heavenly Mother bore this Son Who was I, I was to spread God’s Love, God’s Words, through all the lands for all time.  And so it is again, the body is the cone, the service is the spreading, the love is the giving for the Salvation of mankind; and do not expect everyone you meet or everyone you talk to, to understand this Act of Love from God through man, but plant the Seed where you are, where you can, where you wish, where you will, and know that Heaven will nourish every Seed that is planted, whether you are on the move or you are still.  Sometimes in some children the Seed is planted but they do not try to nourish it themselves, but God does in His Way, for He does say, ‘I want this child to come My Way.’

My children, if you could but see the Power that must be transmitted through the child to transmit the Words of Divine Way to you, you could not stand the sight of It, for with your eyes, It would be too bright.  And yet, as you gather in this way, It looks natural in your sight.  It is far from a natural thing.  It is Supernatural in all things, for It is governed by The Divine King.  As I use this child, I was once used.  Of course, My Way was different, but the Message was the same for the world: Go to God, kneel before Him, pray to Him and love Him, and above all things, serve Him so you will spend Eternity with Him.

As I leave, I say to you, ‘Place your hearts within Mine so that when you desire to pull away or stray, or spend more time in your way, the Love of My Heart will hold you back, and the Love of My Heart will cause you to stay where you must stay, within The Miracle of your day.’ If I were to point to each of you and give you a specific task, the burden of it, the weight of it, you could not last.  It would be too much, for you would take My Word so straight, so strong, and that is why a child is allowed to use his own will to follow what is right, what is truth.

The freedom of the will, the Gift of the will, the love of the will, gains man Grace that nothing else can.  So children, use your will to serve for Heavenly Grace.  Use your will to spread God’s Love to every race, and as you do this, keep in mind that again the Salvation of man takes place, for if you were to see the world as We see it from Here, you would say, ‘Man is doomed; man is to be destroyed by God.’

Many times you will hear the child strike out, for she will see the evil all about.  You are never to criticize, never to act in haste, for she was being obedient to God and to Grace.

My children, I bless you with My Heart and I bless you with the Blood that I once shed for you, for It is Here in Heaven for all to see.  The Angels picked It up Drop by Drop, and brought It to safety.

And now again, you walk with a child as men did walk with Me, a child who walks in obedience to The Divine Three.  No personal challenge is life to her anymore.  No personal gain is life to her anymore.

I love you, but I do not leave you; I stay with you forevermore, for the more you dedicate your way, the closer We become each day; and the more you desire to do, the more I give, for you see, there are so few who desire to please The Holy Trinity.

I place you under the Mantle of The Beloved Son, Saint Joseph, and I say: ‘Work for Him, love Him.  Grow in such a closeness to Him that you will feel the Power that He is through The Holy Trinity.’ The Miracle is known in the world as The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  It is just that.  His Name must be seen, must be heard, and His Power must become known.  Heaven designed This Miracle, governs This Miracle, directs It, and Heaven uses the cone with Heaven close.  Oh, My children, I hold the child close to My Heart to give her strength, for My Will must be done.  So be it.”

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