ON DECEMBER 10, 1971 AT 8:43 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, when I walked the earth I taught much.  Many men felt I was learned in My Way but when they thought of what I did say, they realized it was Wisdom of the day.  There were many learned men around who would talk to Me and they would ask questions concerning the Divine Way The Heavenly Father implanted in Me, His Son, so I could teach these men the Beauty of Him, the way to Him, and so this could be passed on to other men.

When My time to lead the Apostles came, We walked the earth as men.  And oftentimes I would stop them during the day, and I would discuss with them the times We lived in, the problems We were faced with, and the truth and the purpose of the physical way.  They would ask questions as you do today.  They would listen intently for Great Words to pour from Me, and sometimes I would answer them in a soft uncomplicated way, for you see, these men were from all walks of life and some were not so bright, but with the Wisdom that I gave to them, they learned the Purpose of life, and they were able to pass it on to others.  I knew the day would come that I would have to leave the earth, and I knew that I had passed on to them the Wisdom from Heaven that they did not have at first.

When the time came and the hours drew near, I feared the time that I had to leave those I loved dear.  It was difficult to walk away from The Beloved Mother Who walked with Me many a day, for I knew that She would suffer an agony untold at the foot of the Cross, where I was to stand before man, torn to shreds, bare to the skin, bleeding, and dying because of the hand of man.  I said to The Father: ‘Do not make Me think of this.  I could not bear to go through it again.’ And when the time came for Me to kneel and pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, I beseeched The Father to let it quit for I knew the human way could not stand where I was to stand, and all I could see or feel was the stick of man chopping at Me, hitting at Me, breaking the skin, not caring about the bruise, not worrying about the flesh, that I was battered.

Again I come to the earth through another child as you, and This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is to save mankind.  Oh, My children, if you but knew the planning God has done for you.  He always stands ready to give you a hand to save you from the weakness of man.  And as you approach each day, you do it, not thinking of Him, in His Way.  Oh, how sad it is sometimes when children do not even give one thought This Way.

And now I will go back to the teaching that must be done again in your day.  Children are not being taught wisdom.  They are being taught what man thinks is the right way.  They are being taught emotionalism.  They are being taught ‘Cater to your senses.’ They are being taught to not respect what you cannot see, what you do not know, and they are being taught to not cherish the old but look to the new.  They are not being taught that God has always been and always will.  God has not changed.  God is Fear, God is Here, and God has created life such as you.

Keep in mind that all the Gifts man was given at the moment of conception are equal to each other; no man has been given more than the other.  Man develops what he has and what he is, and a human body is a chalice for God’s Love.  And if each man were to walk the earth, knowing that he is a chalice of Love created by God to one day come Above, oh, how differently man would walk in any day.  As you leave this dwelling tonight, keep in mind that you are a chalice of Truth, a chalice of Faith, a chalice of Love, and you are full to the brim, for God filled you His Way.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is for all men throughout the world.  It is a Miracle, in some ways, as the Miracle was when I walked the earth.  It is similar in Teaching and It is to save mankind.  And The Heavenly Father has designed This Miracle for a favored Son Who is now in The Divine.  He is bringing this Son to the world to show man the beauty of obedience, the greatness of perseverance, and the magnificence of trust in God’s Way.  The Heavenly Father wants all men, as I want all men, to imitate this Saint, to trust Him, that He will protect man in many ways.  The children should be taught the Beauty of this Saint.  The children should be taught that to live a good life means to use the chalice God gave to help others in all things.

My children, as I taught from the mountains, I taught from the sea, I taught from the lands, I teach again to thee.  And I say on this night, ‘Be aware of the truth, and when you are, stand up for it, stand in it, and do not be sidetracked by those who can outtalk you, who can outweigh you.’

You know, man is using that beloved Book and saying the story was nothing and they are misusing it in your day.  They suddenly found a way and now they are blaming all things on this Book.  Please, My children, be aware of those who are so prideful and so emotional, who misinterpret what is good.

Children of all ages must learn to pray and they must learn the significance of prayer.  And they must learn that to pray in love is to trust without doubt.  There are so many children racing around now shouting My Name — ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I love You.’ And I say, ‘Oh, yes, do love Me, but do it the right way.  Do it with love, do it in trust, and do it in obedience.’ But, you see, they have become so emotional that they do not really feel My Way.  There are many men imitating what I was.  So many years have gone by they cannot know the real way.

Oh, My children, if you but knew the truth you stand in, on this night, you would kneel and pray an hour every day.  As you communicate with each other, you know the responsibility of communication, the necessity for communication, the beauty of communication.  So then, why do you not communicate with Us Here? We stand ready to speak to you.  We stand ready to listen to you.  We stand ready to answer your prayers.  The human love is so small compared to the Divine Love We have for all.  God has given man something of everything He has — love, trust.

Oh, My children, remember that to love God cannot all be on the outside of thee.  Grow so in love with Him interiorly that it will radiate to the exterior with every breath you take, with every word you say, with every move you make.  And how to begin it is this way: Each day, take time to pray, and as you do, ask God to teach you how to love.  Ask Him to teach you how to pray, and ask Him to give you the strength to stand up for truth, His Way; and ask Him to help you do His Will, His Way.  You can show an act of love in the slightest movement; a kind thought, a kind act, a kind gesture, a kind word.  When you do not feel like doing it He will grant you much Grace.  And even when you feel like doing it, offer it in reparation for those who did not know what you know, who did not feel what you feel, who are now spending much time in Purgatory.

Man is trying to dismiss the time of Purgatory.  Man is trying to say there is no Hell.  Oh, My children, I, too, would like to say these places are not so, but I would be telling you an untruth.  The Mercy of God is Here.  And it is up to you to grow so deeply in love with Us Here, and in this way, that when you are called you will be ready to come straight Here one day.

There is a magnificent order to the Plan for man.  It begins with the touch of life.  It begins with the touch of the Soul.  It begins with the touch of the will.  It begins with the touch of prayer, and God, knowing His little ones would have weaknesses, gave them each a Guardian Angel.  The Plan is complete.  Now, each one here is destined to be a Saint.  God will lead you in your way.  Teach it to others so they will not stray, for man does not realize or even think about becoming a Saint.  The Plan is Great, but the Plan is simple in many ways.  I expect, one day, to see each child here wearing a Crown of Love Where I Am.

You see, tonight can be the beginning of a great way.  I have given you the offer in a special way.  Are you willing to take a chance on Me? You know I am One of The Divine Three.  My Heart is shown to you each day.  It is up to you to look My Way, and when you do, see It in full glowing, and know that as you look at It and say, ‘Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless me today,’ before you have the words out, I have blessed you many times and have granted you a Grace beyond anything you know.

So, as you leave this dwelling on this night, be assured of My Blessing, and be assured that when you desire to walk in truth, I will be right beside you, helping you; and I will be saying: ‘Remember, child, Sainthood is one day Here for you.’ I bless you with God’s Love that you received at the moment of conception, and I bless you with My Heart that I gave out of Love for you one day, and I bless you with the Light of Heaven to light the path to Here one day.  So be it.”

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