ON MARCH 28, 1972 AT 11:26 AM


“My beloved children, I come to you at a time when you are preparing to recognize How I walked, What I suffered, and My Resurrection to The Divine.  There will be many men in celebration at this time, not really knowing the fullness of the words they say, nor, not really recognizing the truth of the way.  So few men will be prepared to see the value of the going over, of the repeating, of the washing of the feet that I took part in one day.  The meaning of this is far greater than man knows, and it has a dignity.

Oh, My children, there is so much at this time to be seen by mankind.  Some men will not think it worthwhile to come forward, for they will say, ‘That’s the past’; but this is not fully true.  It was the past but it was the beginning, so it makes it now.  I will not hang upon the Cross, I will not suffer again, for once was sufficient to release man, to open Heaven.  And man must learn to know this, and man must begin to recognize this, and man must begin to be able to accept it.

The edifices in My Honor are not showing My Way.  The edifices are not even stopover places for man to pray.  I ask you, ‘Why?’ on this day.

The Holy Trinity, of Which I am a Part, told the child she must not see children at this time, for many times We are prepared to take her away from you.  The reason for the lone part is this: We use her in all parts of the world.  We come to get her and then We whisk her away to perform a task, for the human body must be seen.

This time there is much of this, for at this time of your year, men are seeking help, men are turning to prayer.  This, My children, should be a daily thing with man, not just once a year.  If it were to become a daily act of love, the edifices would be filled with children clinging to The Holy Trinity, instead of clinging to the worldly way, instead of clinging to man.

I come through this child through a Miracle governed by The Divine, dictated by The Divine, so that one day you and all mankind can be Saints.  Heaven is offering all men the Crown of Sainthood.  Many men are refusing to accept the Gift of Love.  Many men want to see Great Visions in the sky to understand Our Way.  We will not allow it; it is not Our Way of doing things.  Man must learn to trust.  Man must learn to love the beauty of Faith.  Man must learn the power of obedience.

Through This Miracle We have given man a renewed thought about The Ten Commandments.  We have given man prayer.  We have given man the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist.  We have given man time, which, believe Me, My children, is a Sign; it is a Gift.  The greatest gift that man can give God is time: time to grow in love with God, time to serve Him, time to kneel to Him, time to see the Truth He is.

I am The Son of The Divine.  I am The Heart of The Divine.  I am the Worker for The Divine; you have never heard of Me as this.  The Father gives you life; He created you.  I worked for you; I gave you My Heart.  The Holy Ghost gives you the Light.  What greater signs can man have? The Gift is a Gift of Love.  Each One of Us has taken part, so where does man say he needs a sign? The breath that The Father gave is a sign; the Access to Heaven is a sign, and the Light of things, another sign — three signs.  How can a child be so bold as to say, ‘I want a sign my way’?

So, as I speak through this child, the pattern you follow at this particular time, do not stop it when you feel I have risen to the Heavens, but continue it.  It is not a one–time dedication; it is full time, My children.  Keep this in mind.  I love you.  I walked the earth for you.  I suffered and I died for you.  I rose to Heaven for you, to give man a sign.  Compare it with now.  See the similarities through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love, This Miracle which is the Greatest Sign that man can have.

I bless you with My Heart and I say, ‘The breath of life, the beat of the heart and the light of your Faith combined, will make you a Saint.  It is God’s Will.’  So be it.”

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