ON NOVEMBER 6, 1976 AT 5:07 PM


“My beloved children, on this day I heard children say, ‘Joseph does not talk too much, but Others do in His Way.’ All of the Heavens smiled at this for We All did say, ‘Sometimes silence makes Another One speak and deliver things a given way.’

I, Saint Joseph, smile upon this Great City, for you see, it bears My Name.  The Father has given it in My Name, declared it to be according to His Will, to give claim to Me.  I stand Here in the Heavens and I say: ‘Children, I understand your work for Me.  I understand your diligence, your perseverance, your love.  I understand your Faith and I understand how you feel sometimes, when things seem to scatter, be misplaced.  I understand how you feel about disgrace; about those whom you have walked the earth, who walk away.  But, remember this — all men who walk away do not do it in a malicious way, but sometimes many misgivings, many heartaches are involved in this way.’

I say to you: ‘Carry on in a God–given way.  Persevere, and remember, you have been prepared to walk in a particular way.’ All of the Heavens smile when children become upset over others not under–standing the beauty of this great mound of soil, and yes, the purpose of it, the reason for it, the dignity it stands in, and the Magnitude that must come from it.

Here in the Heavens all things are of Great Beauty, giving men an everlasting happiness if they will but obey The Rules, if they will but seek out the goodness of life, the purification of life, the beauty that awaits for each man.  Do not forget, men, through this Great Miracle, must learn self–discipline, self–control, perseverance, love and dignity, and yes, integrity in every form of life, every vocation of life, every given area of life.

So many men in the world have beseeched The Father in many ways, ‘Give us a Miracle, Holy One, and we will abide by all You decide to be for our sake.’ So, when The Father announced to the world through the Great Michael, ‘Saint Michael’ as you know Him to be, The Miracle of Me, men said: ‘It cannot be.  Why her? Why not Me?’ We Here in the Heavens knew it would occur this way.  We Here in the Heavens said, ‘Father, King, let them see the Beauty and the Majesty of this Great Miracle, to gather children of all races, all colors, all creeds, to form an allegiance to the beauty of purity, to the Goal of becoming a Saint, and yes, the obedience in the human way of obeying The Commands You once gave.’

Oh, My children, be aware that men are weak, and the time in which you live now is ghastly in many ways, hurtful and obscene.  Children are being exposed to, not the beauty of a magical dream but the vulgarity of satan’s scheme.  He is evil, My little ones, and he has penetrated the world, using men’s weaknesses against the beauty of the goal yet to be seen.

Men say: ‘I believe in You, God.  I love You, God, but do not forget I am a human being.’ I, Saint Joseph, come to the world and I say to you, ‘As you ask Him to remember that you are a human being, do not forget He is a Supreme Being, and you must be subject to His Will.’

He has given you the freedom of your will.  He has given you the beauty of your personality, your nature, and remember, you must keep it clean.  You must respond to the beauty for the reason you were born.  You must respond to the dignity of being man upon the earth.  You must seek out all that is good and you must respond to the beauty that is awaiting you.

You must know that when the physical ends there is a Great Light at the end of that rainbow you talk of, you seek, for Here in the Heavens there is much color.  There is green, yellow, blue, purple and white.  There are other colors, oh yes, colors of beauty, colors in great profusion of Love, giving Hope, showing the grand, magnificent beauty that The Father gave to the world.  Each color that you associate beauty with is Here, My children, for you.

It is true, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must purify, you must stand in a purified state.  And that is why The Miracle of Me has been sent to the world, for you to realize that the beauty of purity will be a gain for your Soul.  Children throughout the world are promiscuous in every way.  Children throughout the world are looking to an animal way.  They are not seeking the dignity of being a human being but they are accepting the ‘devil may care’ thing.  Oh, My children, it has been through every era of time.

I, Saint Joseph, say to you now, ‘I bless you from The Divine.’ And I say, ‘You have been given a privilege to learn from, directly, The Saints Here in the Heavens Where I am.’ And The Father has blessed this Great Miracle; first, with the conception of It, then with the deliverance of It, and then, My children, with the continuance of It for all men to learn and to better understand the beauty of being a man, the dignity of being a man, and the Goal of being a man, for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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