ON AUGUST 10, 1980 AT 12:19 PM


“My beloved children, I am Joan.  They call Me ‘Saint Joan of Arc’.

This woman through whom I speak, has more Power in the world than men see.  Some men seek her out for they recognize a Great Power from within her, and her stability in how she speaks says to them there is more here than woman.

When I walked the earth I had a similar Power, for the Power is of Divine Origin and it is the association with Divine Manner, Means, that creates the Power within a human being.

So many men refer to her as ‘that woman’.  So many men refer to her as ‘the one who speaks to God’.  So many men refer to her as ‘the one who stands in the way of our endeavors’.  So many men speak of her as ‘the one who talks with another tongue’.  So many men speak of her as ‘a leader of men’, in many ways, ‘a great leader and one who will win’.  Many men say, ‘She has already won, for her perseverance, her integrity, her dignity, has proven many points, and according to this way shows she has won a battle for Supreme Way.’

I walked the earth.  I walked with men.  My care for them was one alone, and the Voices I heard were to guide them, to instruct them, to help them win what you call ‘wars, battles’.  And sometimes when we would all reach the battle of fatigue, things became uncertain.

That is why it is so important that when this woman in the world reaches a point of fatigue she is sent away by The Father, for this is a great worry.  When the physical is fatigued, the mind is fatigued from so much pressure, so much force, so many obstacles, it is difficult to stand in the world and face indiscriminate men, sarcasm, hate, jealousy, foilsome human beings who care only about their own dreams.

I bless with The Father’s Love and I say, ‘You walk with a warrior far greater than you know, a leader stronger than you realize; and the Goal, Supreme in every way, for it is to guide Souls to Him for All Eternity.’

There is more to this Great Miracle than men recognize, men care to believe.  There is more to this woman’s way in the world than men understand; but I, Saint Joan of Arc, say to all of you, ‘You are privileged to be a part of this Great Advance in the world today.’  So be it.”

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