ON OCTOBER 27, 1972 AT 7:46 PM


“So many people do not turn to The Saints.  They turn to each other.  And as I stand Here in the Heavens, in a manner that appears natural to you, it is so you will not be frightened when Heaven speaks. The child is so totally God’s, no man can comprehend this. The child is so totally subservient to Him, no man can understand this.  But This Blessing has been given to the world to give Light to the world, to give a way to mankind to see God one day.  The Light that shines through this child is not a light as you know one to be, but the Light of Wisdom, the Light of Teaching, the Light of The Holy Trinity.

Beyond your body is the world, and as you stand in the world, you are a great part of this world.  And yet, if you will but look in God’s Direction, you will see a Light that says, ‘Oh, child of Mine, be obedient to Me.’ And I, Saint Agnes, stand Here in the Heavens and I beseech each child present now, to listen well to the Wisdom I did tell.

As men take Each Word apart, they look only for man’s way.  They cannot look for The Father’s Wisdom, for you see, the definition of words was placed there by other men, to compensate, to create, to perform, to teach.  So, as the simplicity of This comes to you, keep in mind there is more to What is being said than the Seeds which are the Words that fall upon you from The Divine.  The Words ring in your ears and the sound of Each One tells you a particular thing.  But, oh, My children, look beyond and see the Wisdom of The King.

No child has ever been asked to stand so openly before thousands and thousands of people to teach in this manner, but now that It has come to the world you are in, pay attention, follow through, and as you do, develop within you a desire to be obedient, a desire to follow God’s Will, a desire to trust more in what you should, and if you are wise, you will ask for the Gift of Faith to be developed within you.

Some men are saying: ‘Why so simple?  I could understand greater words,’ but what these men do not understand is that the Teaching of This Great Miracle is for children of all sizes, children of all intellects, children of all races, all creeds, all colors, and all degrees of love for The Holy Trinity.

I bless you, not with My Power, but with God’s.  I bless you with the desire to love Him so much you will not request answers, only more desire to love Him more. The child who stands before you is but an instrument of His: a fork of Love, an extension of Truth, a link of Hope, a sower of the Seeds that must reach you.

So, as I leave her view, Another Saint will speak to you.  Unheard of, yes, This Manner of reaching you, but nonetheless, oh, so True.”

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