ON OCTOBER 29, 1972 AT 2:06 PM



There are three colors.  One is a very delicate blue.  In terms of a jewel, I would say sapphire; it appears to be that way.  Another jewel is a ruby; another, an emerald, in between.


“Sometimes, when the beauty is so much, the physical cannot stand the degree, but I, Saint Michael, bring into view a sight I want each child to see.  The blue is for a reason; it means calmness, and in many ways, a strength.  It has a beauty all its own, and in many ways, it balances the world.

The red, the ruby that the child does see, depicts the Blood of a Son of The Holy Trinity.  It also says to all mankind that many suffered martyrdom for The Divine.  The red is also a color of love, along with the color of suffering.

And now, I, Saint Michael, take you to the green.  This, My children, has a great part in the world, always seen.  The green means growth, the green means hope.  The green says ‘land’, the green says ‘trees’, the green says many, many things, but here where you are, the green says ‘Hope’.

You see, My children, God created color, God created love, God created all the things that are for man to come Above.  God created symbols for men to use for many things; but, when The Son of God stood at the table with twelve men, it was not a symbol He created, but He gave a Part of Them1.  So many men in your day are causing much desecration to The Ultimate Gift of Love.  They are trying in many ways to abuse It, justifying the abuse in all ways.

And as this child’s Vision increases, the colors enlarge to a great degree and they fuse into a Light that, if she were to see the fullness of It, she would be blinded for life, not in the Spiritual but in the physical.  The Light is growing and as the colors fuse, they glow, they glisten, and in back of these Lights comes into view The Host of Love, The Holy Eucharist.  The Glow of This is far brighter than the Light of the gems, the color, and within This Light she sees a Magnificent Sight, given through her for you.  The Angels hold The Host, and All The Saints Who walked in the world as Men of God encircle The Host, Each One holding a smaller One.

I could take the child completely away, but I must diminish the Vision, for it will take her days to be released.  The Light is Far Greater than any light man knows.  There are so Many Saints encircling The Host, and God says: ‘I want more.  I want children to adore This Host, Which is Me.  I want children to know I Am All Purity; else, why would the enemy hate Me?  I want children to know I Am All Love; else, why would the enemy offer things in the form of love, false?  I want children to know I want them to spend All Eternity Here with Me.  Can you not see I love you so?’

The Vision is taken slowly, for the child cannot let go.  I must take her from you and release her out of view.  The releasing would be even too much for all of you.”

1  Refers to The Holy Trinity.

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