ON OCTOBER 20, 1970 AT 12:15 PM


“My daughters, I am Saint Anne.  I announce Myself first, so you will know Who speaks of what must be.  Saints are to help all children reach The Father.  Instruct others to pray to The Saints for help, for Direction.  It is a good practice to make a habit of.

Where I am, Here in the Heavens, I see constant Miracles occurring to aid all children still in the world.  Many Miracles go unnoticed, and when some are recognized a hush gathers around them, for man says, ‘It is not natural.’

My Daughter, Who is radiant as The Queen of Heaven, stands beseeching every child to turn to the Rosary, not just once in awhile but constantly.  It purifies all things, and I add, ‘God’s enemy fears it above all things.’

The speaking that took place among you was in the human way, and now I speak to you from the Supernatural Means.  Gather many more and teach them the value of prayer, the importance of prayer, the need for prayer, the purpose of prayer and what it does in the way of the physical life.  It gives strength, courage, force, knowledge, love.

The sin, the hate that exists now, must be wiped out soon for it is destroying Souls and will only cause doom.  There is so much pettiness,
wrong thinking, wrongdoing, wrong involvement, and so much procrastination where The Father is concerned.

The baptismal fonts should be crowded, not empty.  The Blessed Sacrament should be so obvious to all men daily.  The Power, the Greatness, the Beauty, the Magnificence of The Holy Eucharist should be made known to all men.  There should be speeches on It, Confirmations of It and Perpetuation of Its Purpose.

Too few men are taking time to pray, to be outstanding in this way.  They do not neglect their bodies with food for they say they feel weak when they do.  The greatest weakness of all comes from lack of communication with The Father, with The Son and with The Holy Ghost, Three as One.  Bend your wills with The Father’s Will.  Dedicate your time to His Way.  Do not care what man will say for all men are not enlightened this way.

The Beautiful, the Powerful, the Great, the Obedient, the Humble, the Pure, must now become known as He Is, close to The Trinity in Heaven Where I am.  Saint Joseph must be on the lips and in the hearts of all.  All races, all creeds, all colors must come to Him Here.  The Father has announced it so, has decreed it to be, and stands ready to let all things The Saint requests, be.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and with His Son’s Heart and with the Light of The Holy Ghost, All One.  So be it.”

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