ON JUNE 13, 1973 AT 6:41 PM


“My beloved children, as it sounded natural through this child from the beginning of her speech to you, I say, ‘It was truly I, Saint Jude, Who spoke your way.’ Men try, in many ways, to not believe what she does say.  Men say, ‘It cannot be true,’ for you see, if this child stands in truth, God’s Way, men will have to change their thinking, their acts, their movements, in every way, for to stand as she does, totally God’s Way, means total listening, total service, total obedience, Heavenly Way.

Many of you here speak My Name when you are in need.  I, Saint Jude say, ‘Never stop, never tire of repeating what you desire, for you see, this is satan’s way, wanting you to delay, dismiss, forget to keep beseeching God or His Saints for help in every way.’ We intercede in more ways than you know, and when your desire comes to Us, We say, ‘Dear God, dear Father in the Heavens, the child pleads this way.’ He looks into Our way and says: ‘Jude, will it help the child come to Me, My Way?  Will it give strength to the Purpose of the child’s Soul?  Will it give more purpose to the physical way, or will it just satisfy the child’s weakness so one day the child will stray?’

He knows, of course, the answer to this.  He knows, too, that what I say must be the truth.  How else could I work for Him each day?

When a child pleads for the health of another one, Heaven hears, and each facet is weighed totally, thoroughly, justly, in a special way.  So never feel that God denies you in any way, but know, My children, that what you plead for, pray for, beseech Him, is heard, truly loved, and the decision determined by Him according to His Way.  Never tire of such prayer.  Never say you are forgotten.  Never say you are in despair, for this is satan’s way.

Keep in mind The Son of Him, Who walked constantly, continuously, steadfastly, to a given way, never pursuing burden but accepting it, Divine Way.  Keep in mind, My little ones, that He, too, prayed when the suffering became so great, the fear so strong.  Keep in mind that He did beg along the way as He fell to the ground, ‘Oh, Father, help Me,’ but He, too, knew that the decision had to be weighed.  The Goal was most important; the need, the reason very grave.  He knew that He had to depend solely upon what The Father gave.

So, as you walk in the human way, as you stand in such a little manner, lean totally on The Father.  Depend upon His Will.  Go to Him, beseech His Way, and never fear depending upon Our transmitting your prayers to Him, for you see, We always stand ready to hear what you do say.

It is true, We work completely around your little world.  Sometimes We are on this side, sometimes We are on this side.  Sometimes We are on the top, sometimes We are on, what you would term ‘the bottom way’; but always keep in mind, We listen when you mention Our Name in the Way of The Divine.  It is very simple just to pray, but to trust is another way.  To trust in the Decision of Him means that you accept justice above all things.

Men are shouting throughout the world, ‘Love me, I love you.’ Men are shouting, ‘Sensitivity’.  Men are shouting, ‘I have gifts.’ Men are shouting, ‘I am nothing,’ but do they really believe this?  Not so.  Men shout many, many things, but they want proof of what they think.  They want proof of what they believe.

I, Saint Jude, say today: ‘Do not stop praying a humble way, for in humility there is strength; in pride, much weakness; ego, your greatest enemy, for you see, your ego says you are important.  Your pride says you are great.  Your humility says you are strong and you are able to take the blows of the human way, the sufferings that are not always bound to stay.’

Sometimes a chosen child must be humble for other men’s sakes.  Sometimes humility strides forth when pride keeps other men from taking a chance in a given way.  Never think that humility is weakness for it is not.  Pride is weakness and pride is the evil one’s way to devour you in many ways.  Many learned men are so full of pride that they are devoured by it from inside.  When a physical surgeon has to cut into a brain, he does not see the knowledge the man has gained; only the matter, only the means, never the degree the man reached for in his own way or schemes.

So the Greatest Surgeon of all men, The Father of All, The Creator Who created the brain, says to you: ‘I love you so.  Be wise, do not lean on book knowledge.  Seek Me out in humility.  Reach for What I Am:  Divinity, Sanctity for your Soul.  Be allowed to understand.  Let no man stand in your way.  Stand firm on what I want you to know.  Be obedient to My Rules.  Be obedient to My Commands.  Do not be selfish.  Remember, you are the first victim of men’s pride, for the sin was truly pride.  I beseech you, My children, from Heaven Where I am, to not disregard What I have said, but to listen to Whom I Am.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with the Truth you cannot know.  I bless you in a way, from Heaven Where My Soul does glow.  I bless you with The Father’s Will.  I bless you with a Hope.  I bless you and I say, ‘Seek justice, then love will come and you will grow.’  So be it.”

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