ON MARCH 12, 1970 AT 9:23 PM


“Picture a high mountain with trails leading to the top.  The trails began in all directions and few of them have stops.  The Man Who stands alone up there is Christ, The Son of God.  His Radiance lights all paths and those who are within reach, He holds His Hand out and says to them, ‘I’ll lift you now to Me.’ Each child He does this to has a smile about him that no artist can depict, for no one in the world can paint the truth of love in Him.

The other children down the paths keep struggling to the top.  The face of those who reach it is encouragement to those who have had to stop.  As Christ stands there, His One Desire, His Hope for all mankind, is that every man will make it to the top with The Divine.  He whispers Words of Love and says to each man there: ‘Pass Them on down the line so the children will be sure to hear.  I’ll never leave the mountaintop as long as there is one little child struggling to grab this Hand of Mine.’

Along the roads there are some weak, who find it very difficult.  Oftentimes they make a stop and say, ‘I’ll never make it,’ but by this time, they hear the Words from the whisper He first started: ‘I’m waiting, child, and I’ll be here.  Keep trying, just a little harder.’ If every man will think of this and remember when he stops, the Hand of Christ is waiting to pull him over the top.

You’ve been given many things in life to teach you how to walk on a mountain such as this.  Remember, children, that your prayers are important to the climb you make each day within your years.  Do not be frightened of the climb.  No matter when you started, there’s always time to reach the top and take the Hand that’s there.

I ask you, children, pass This on, for It will help another to think of life, to think of love, and the Purpose of it.

If you stopped up to this point, I whisper to you now, ‘Keep going, child, for I am there, standing at the top.’”

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